Where was Roadworthy Rescues filmed? See all Locations

The new hit reality TV show Roadworthy Rescues takes viewers on a wild ride through the winding backroads and mountain passes of the beautiful Black Hills in South Dakota.

Premiering this fall, this exciting new show follows a Derek Bieri, a skilled car mechanic and YouTube personality, as he travels across the United States in search of abandoned and forgotten classic cars.

With his team of expert mechanics, Derek brings rescue broken-down classic cars and get them roadworthy once again.

The team brought these automotive relics back to life, and restore them to their former glory to showcase the rich history of American motoring.

Filming locations of Roadworthy Rescues

The show was filmed across different US states like Detroit, Kentucky, and North Carolina inside the United States.

Season 1 was primarily filmed at Derek Bieri’s shop in Tennsessee while the second season was mostly filmed in Black Hills, South Dakota.

Derek’s team captured the area’s rugged natural beauty and highlighting its winding roads that crisscross pine-covered mountains and hills.

Since the show has been produced by a real production, you can expect to see new episodes in a much better quality than Bier’s YouTube channel.

Kentucky, US

In one episode, Derek went to Kentucky to get a 1964 Chevy Bel Air out of a field. He wanted to take it back to his shop and replace the engine. Filming in Kentucky showed Derek going to find a classic old car to fix up.

Detroit, Michigan

Some filming took place in Detroit, which is known for its history of car manufacturing. Being in Detroit likely let Derek connect with other car lovers and mechanics.

Black Hills, South Dakota

For the sixth episode of Roadworthy Rescues, Derek traveled to the Black Hills in South Dakota. Here he worked on putting together an old 1979 Chevrolet Blazer.

Roadworthy Rescues filming in Black Hills
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The Black Hills are a mountain range in South Dakota that is known for its beautiful scenery and its many outdoor activities. It provided a scenic outdoor location to work on the truck.

North Carolina, US

In the last episode of the season, Derek visited a specialty car dealership in North Carolina. This highlighted his passion for rare, antique cars.

Each location served as an interesting backdrop for Derek’s car restoration projects. The different places showcased the variety of work Derek does on vintage vehicles.

Meet the Cast of Roadworthy Rescues

Roadworthy Rescues main cast is as follows:

Derek Bieri

Derek Bieri is a 38-year-old car enthusiast, YouTuber, and host of the show. He learned about cars from his dad and grandfather and considers himself an old-school mechanic.

Bieri’s wife helps him in managing his YouTube channel called Vice Grip Garage, where he shares videos regarding budget builds, rescues, and how-tos for the common folk.

Jessica Bieri

Jessica Bieri is the wife of Derek Bieri and the co-owner of Vice Grip Garage. She has been featured in some of his videos and is also involved in the restoration of cars. Jessica and Derek have been together for 23 years and they have three children together.

Sean Bieri

Sean Bieri is Derek’s brother and he is also a car enthusiast. He has appeared in several episodes of Roadworthy Rescues and he helps Derek with the restoration of cars.

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Dan Dosemagen

Dan is a friend of Derek, who helps with the restoration of cars and is also a co-host for the show.

Derek along with his team, including Dan troubleshoot each vehicle’s mechanical issues and brainstorm creative solutions to get the cars revving their engines once more.

Their enthusiasm for cars is contagious, and viewers get to share in their triumph when the rescue missions succeed. The cast’s quirky personalities and banter add entertainment value to the show as well.

Why Did Vice Grip Garage Move to Tennessee?

Derek and his wife Jessica decided to move their car shop from Minnesota to Tennessee. They wanted to save money, since it costs less to live in Tennessee. Another reason was for their kids.

They wanted their children to grow up in a place where they could ride dirt bikes and four wheelers more easily than in Minnesota. The weather in Tennessee also allows Derek to make more videos for his YouTube channel.

Reviving Vintage Rides on the Open Road

In each episode, the team is on a new mission to save a stalled vintage vehicle somewhere in the Black Hills and get it roadworthy again. The owners of the broken-down cars and trucks are usually stranded on the side of the road or at an old garage.

The Roadworthy Rescues team shows up with their tow trucks and equipment to diagnose the problem and perform repairs on the spot, if possible.

Their tasks have included replacing cracked engine blocks, rebuilding transmissions, installing new brakes, changing flat tires, and jury-rigging temporary fixes to get barely functioning clunkers moving again.

You will see the step-by-step details of how the team brings the old cars back to life. The team deals with plenty of challenges and surprises along the way, making for engaging viewing.

Where to watch Roadworthy Rescues?

Where to watch Roadworthy Rescues
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All new episodes of Roadworthy Rescues are currently streaming on MotorTrend channel inside the United States. You can also stream new episodes via MotorTrend+ subscription inside the United States and Canada.

Roadworthy Rescues Review

With its combination of scenic backdrops, cool vintage cars, and engaging personalities, Roadworthy Rescues is a unique twist on the car rescue and restoration genre.

You will enjoy riding along with the skilled team of mechanics as they resurrect rundown rides in the rugged and picturesque Black Hills.

The show provides entertainment and inspiration for vintage car lovers and armchair grease monkeys alike. So buckle up and get ready to hit the wide-open roads as the team revives, restores, and rescues classic cars in distress.

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