Animes that deserves a new season but aren’t renewed despite fans support

Dozens of new anime series are released every month but only a few are liked by the viewers. And some anime fans like so much that they want new episodes to come every week and that series never ends. They just fear to see the cancellation or ending of their favorite anime series but some manga series have to go through this phase even after full support of fans. For example, NGNL is one of the most awaited isekai anime series that hasn’t received a renewal yet but fans are so excited about the arrival of new season despite no official renewal announcement. Let’s find out more animes of such types that Japanese fans want to see with a new season but aren’t announced yet.


NGNL become popular since its arrival in 2014 due to its simple but compelling storyline. The story has been represented in such a way that you will found yourself in the place of siblings. It is not just a typical harem but definitely feature some scenes like bathing of male and female together, showing some exposure to breast area, etc. Moreover, Sora and Shiro also contribute individually to make this show Rated 18+.

No Game No Life season 2

The anime is having only a single season that released back in 2014 with 12 episodes and fans are desperately waiting for the arrival of season 2 announcement. However, no signs are visible regarding the renewal of the show or NGNL Season 2 confirmation from the side of Madhouse Studios.

Dorohedoro Season 2

The anime series become a fan favorite in the Covid-19 pandemic times when the whole anime community was affected and viewers weren’t having much to watch in the dark fantasy genre. This anime TV series appear as a boon in the middle of pandemic and become an indispensable part of viewers life by introducing Caiman, a lizard headed amnesiac.

Dorohedoro season 2 netflix

MAPPA produced anime series topped the streaming charts after officially premiering on Netflix worldwide in May 2020 with its violent yet cheerful characters who murder to serve justice only. The designs of the illustrator are distinct and creative with freaky faces that keeps the viewer hooked.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7

HXH anime is also produced by Madhouse and has released six seasons in total with the sixth season released in 2014. It’s been eight years since the last episode of the series aired and still no announcement has been made regarding the release of a seventh season. Probably, Madhouse cancelled the series silently.

Hunter X Hunter season 7 release date

The story follows a boy named Gon Freecss who embarks on a journey to become a professional hunter like his father who was supposed to be dead but still alive. However, he must pass the hunter examination to become a classified hunter. He make three friends in his journey namely Kurapika, Killua, and Leorio. Will Gon able to pass the exam and discover his father?

One Punch Man Season 3

When it comes to the strongest anime characters, Saitama topped the charts. The Japanese manga series is having 24 volumes in circulation and the anime series is adapted for only two seasons so far with the last season released in 2019. Saitama fans are eagerly waiting for a third season of OPM but the creators haven’t utter a word regarding the renewal of the series.

One Punch Man season 3

Since the last two seasons were having a long gap of four years, we can expect season 3 to follow the similar pattern but the show is one of the most popular animes among manga lovers. So, it definitely deserves another season as there is no shortage of manga material as well as fans. Even though, the original author ONE shared that a third season is in the works, fans will not be satisfied until a trailer, teaser, poster, or a promotional video is released. It’s been a long time since season 2 was released.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan Season 3

The Heroic Legend of Arslan is an historical high fantasy anime series that ran for two seasons with the second season released in 2016. Its story is based on the manga written by Yoshiki Tanaka and illustrated by Hiromu Arakawa in 2013 but the original concept is taken from the 1986 novel series written by the same Japanese author. The novel series went for 16 volumes but the manga begun in 2013 is still ongoing in 2022 with 16 volumes in circulation.

the heroic legend of arslan season 3

Arslan Senki is a fan favorite series that deserves to have a sequel but the dropping of sales in manga copies doesn’t allow it to happen. Today, 5.5 Million copies of the original manga are in circulation with the 11th manga volume having 265k copies in circulation.

Fire Force Season 3

Fire Force is produced by David Production, the same studio that is known for producing Cells at Work, Jojo Bizarre, etc. Based on the manga written and illustrated by Atsushi Okubo, the series follows a special unit of firefighters who take the responsibility to fight against the human beings turned infernals. Shinra Kusakabe, a youngster who has a unique ability to ignite his feet at his wish joins the special fire force and uncover the truth of his family’s death that happened 12 years ago.

Fire Force season 3

Two seasons(48 episodes in total) have been released so far with the second season release in 2020 that was proven to be a hit on Funimation. The source manga is huge with over 30 volumes with 17.5 million copies in circulation. That means, there’s no problem in manga sales or content material that is required for adaptation. Don’t know what is holding the creators to announce a renewal.

Bunny Girl Senpai Season 2

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai is a well written romance manga by Hajime Kamoshida and illustrated by Tsugumi Nanamiya. The anime series is produced by Illumination Entertainment that first aired in 2018 and since that time, no new seasons have been released for the psychological drama series.

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai season 2

Despite receiving so much love from fans, the creators haven’t utter a word on the renewal status of this series. The series focuses on Adolescence syndrome that affects those who enter puberty. The main theme is the mysterious puberty syndrome. When Mai tried to solve the mystery behind Sakuta’s absence in the entertainment world, she discovers more people with other puberty syndromes.

Tower of God Season 2

Tower of God is a South Korean manhwa written and illustrated by SIU(Lee Jong Hu) published under Line(English) and Nayer(Korean) webtoon service. The anime is adapted by Telecom Animation Film, produced by Joseph Chou, directed by Takashi Sano, and written by Erika Toshida. Season 1 was released in 2020 by Tokyo MX and Aniplus Asia.

Tower of God season 2

The anime series focuses on Twenty-Fifth Baam, a man with zero social experience who seems to has no friends except his childhood friend, Rachel. He just want to live with her forever in the tower without caring for anything. However, she becomes the antagonist when she decides to reach at the top of Tower. Now, she embarks on a journey to the top with Baam following her desperately on her way.

Highschool DXD Season 5

Highschool DXD is a revolutionary anime in the world of Harem that is adapted from the light novels written by Ichie Ishibumi and illustrated by Miyama-Zero. The harem anime series is full of steamy and erotic scenes with an interesting plotline that follows a teenage boy named Issei who wants to become a harem king but dies on his first date. He is revived by the deuteragonist Rias Gremory, president of Kuoh Academy as a devil who has to serve Rias for the rest of his life.

High School DxD season 5

The special part is that the hot anime girls will not let your eyes move anywhere else on the screen, you will find yourself freeze while watching the series. You will enjoy every scene with utmost attention and the perverted nature of Issei will make you excited even more and the purpose behind harem successfully fulfilled. Fans are desperately waiting for another season of this series that will show Rias insecurities with Issei if he can date another girl.

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