No Game No Life Season 2 Coming or Not? Why was it banned?

The isekai anime lovers are waiting for No Game No Life season 2 to arrive soon but the creators hasn’t updated any information regarding its return. Moreover, the light novel series is now banned and censored in Australia. No Game No Life is an anime series based on light novel and manga series written and co-illustrated by Yū Kamiya that follows the story of Sora and his stepsister who developed an unbeatable group of gamers and eventually won every toughest competitions including the match against the god of games. The anime premiered in 2014 for the first time with a total of 12 episodes and there has been almost 8 years since fans are waiting for No Game No Life Season 2.

Is No Game No Life Season 2 coming?

No official announcements has been made regarding the release date of No Game No Life Season 2 as of January 2022. Season 1 premiered in 2014 on Crunchyroll and then a movie titled No Game No Life: Zero aired in 2017. After that nothing has been officially said by the creators regarding the arrival of another season. If the anime gets renewed this year then we can expect it to release around early 2023 as production will take time.

No game no life season 2 release date

Even though, source material is not a concern for the series creators but the decline in popularity should be. Since, the first season adapted 3 volumes of the light novel while the movie covered 6th volume. There is enough source material available to make at two more seasons of the series.

Why is No Game, No Life Banned?

On July 23, 2020 the Australian Classification Board banned the distribution of first, second, and ninth volume of No Game, No Life light novel because it featured sexually explicit content that was designed for Mature audience only, according to a report by ANIME NEWS NETWORK. Those volumes received a ‘Refused classification’ mark on due to showing explicit content to the minors (below 18 years) who weren’t engaged in sexual activity. The Zero movie was already received an M rating and that’s why it wasn’t banned but all the volumes were censored from then.

Is there a No Game No Life Game?

No, there is no game available for the gaming anime series No game No Life. Only the series follow a gaming storyline but no such game exists in real life. It might be available someday when somebody will launch it but currently there is no game that resembles the anime theme.

About No Game, No Life

The story follows two awesome gamers namely Sora and Shiro who invite every urban legends from all over the internet for a grand match and eventually defeat all of all them. Moreover, the duo thinks the real life as a rubbish game that is too boring. One day, they are transported into another world by a boy who claimed himself as God. The new world is filled with players where everything is decided by games. Also, the humanity is on the brink to extinct because of poor performances but now the legendary gamers have entered the world who can save the humanity.

What to expect from No Game No Life Season 2?

The season 2 will focus on Oceanado, the home of sirens because Sora and Shiro are looking to awaken the queen of Siren and they will come across Oceanado while continuing their search for Siren Queen. Another gamers will be introduced that will join the fight with the protagonist to challenge the Werebeast God. There is a lot of light novel material left to cover so there will never be lack of storyline if creators are concerned about making No Game No Life Season 2.

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