Cari Farver Family: Where are Nancy Raney and Maxwell?

Cari Farver was seen alive for the last time in Omaha, Nebraska on Nov 13, 2012 just three days before she was reported missing on 16 November 2012 by the family.

The sudden disappearance of 37-year-old Nebraskan computer programmer Cari Farver puzzled everyone including the investigators but as the case was investigated, her closest romantic rival to Dave Kroupa was revealed as her murderer.

That was the long story short, here’s a detailed view on the case.

Who is Cari Farver?

Cari Lea Farver was born on 30 November 1974 inside Iowa. She resided in Macedonia, Iowa with her family that includes her mother Nancey Raney and Cari Farver son, Maxwell Farver.

Even though, Cari resided in Iowa, she has to travel Omaha, Nebraska everyday as she worked at the place as a computer programmer. Cari was a caring mother and a loving daughter.

Cari Farver with son Maxwell

Nancy tells to media that she had a terrible feeling while remembering that day when her daughter went missing. It was so weird if she walks away from their lives silently, there must be a strong reason of doing that.

However, her mind was convincing her that her daughter will not leave her till her last breath and sadly that become the ultimate truth.

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Another red flag was receiving of hateful messages on Facebook. Her daughter has never sent any misspelled rant or hateful msg, it was really strange for her. The suspicion of the family was kept on increasing and further escalated when Cari Farver missed the 15th birthday of Max.

For your information, Cari didn’t miss any important family function till date and she didn’t afford to miss such an important occasion on the sake of anything. Nothing was more important for her than the happiness of her family.

After all, she was doing everything for her mother and son only. Something wrong was going on with her for sure. To clear their doubts, Farver texted Max that she will come and take him away.

cari farver killer liz golyar on a trial

Six months passed but she never returned. So, Max decided to message her on Facebook.

Her Facebook duplicate come over to reply but when Maxwell asked her to prove her identity by asking three security questions that only he and her mother knew, she walked away and Max didn’t receive any reply. Finally, in 2016, the truth come out and Shanna Liz Golyar was convicted for her mother’s murder.

Where are Nancy Raney and Maxwell Farver now?

Maxwell resides with his grandma Nancy at the same house that they used to live before. Cari Farver has gone but her memories will stay on with them forever. The family understands that nobody can fill the empty space of their heart created by Cari but they should move on.

Max is working as an application developer like her mother while her grandmother Nancy is supporting him in his career. Previously, Maxwell was pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Software Engineering and Data Science that he received in December 2021 and now he working as a full stack developer inside an unknown company.

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  1. My name is keke and I am do sorry for you guys loss. I just watched the lifetime movie and I hope that psychopath stays in prison even tho life in there is too good for her. I’m so sorry that they still haven’t found her body I hope one day they do. I hope you all are doing well and that her son max is happy. Just know she is always with you guys even if it’s not physically. I hope you guys are able to find peace even without knowing where she is. I feel so bad for yall because I can’t imagine having my loved one murdered by her boyfriends jealous lover and her body never being found. I’d honestly probably go crazy but I hope you all are being as strong as you can and hopefully good times are more than the bad for you guys. Love you even tho we haven’t met and I’m praying for you once again so sorry for your loss.

  2. Whoever wrote this story didn’t do it very well. “Maxwell resides with HER grandma Nancy at the same house that they used to live before.


    Her name is Cari NOT LEA. “Lea was a caring mother and a loving daughter.” Lea is her middle name and she was never referred to an any other name!


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