Brandon Piekarsky Today: Where is the killer now?

Two young man from Shenandoah namely Brandon Piekarsky and Derrick Donchak were sentenced to nine years imprisonment on the case of Luis Ramirez murder. The crime took place at park when Luis was out with his fiance’s sister. Some unknown boys started making rude remarks on them in the influence of alcohol. Luiz tried his best to ignore them and continue to follow his way but the alcoholic guys don’t allowed him to leave the place and started beating him.

Luis Ramirez murder

Luiz Ramirez was a Mexican immigrant who came to America to fulfill his big dreams with a room of positivity and hard-work. He was an optimistic person with no enemies, engaged with Crystal Dillman who was lucky enough to visit her fiance for the last time before he meet his fate.

Brandon Piekarsky, Derrick Donchak, and Colin Walsh were the guys who approached Luiz as his death on 12 July 2008. Luiz was on a walk and enjoying the company of him and his fiance’s sister at the evening time. The killers started badmouthing him but he didn’t tried to involve with them as he sensed that they are under alcohol influence. But the guys caught Luiz and started beating him mercilessly before the gathering of crowd.

Some called the cops but it was too late, the attackers disappeared and Luiz’s health was critical with severe life-threatening injuries. The 25-year-old Luiz was taken to the hospital who was foaming from the mouth, the man struggled for two days and eventually died due to his injuries according to a report.

Where is Brandon Piekarsky?

Brendan Piekarsky murderer of Luiz Ramirez

Brandon Piekarsky was one of the attackers who were involved in the murder of Luiz who was aquitted for the 3rd degree murder and Derrick was relieved from the ethnic intimidation charge. Both the criminals were sentenced to 23 months in 2009 for the first time but the huge crowds gather all around the police department leading to numerous protests. Colin Walsh also testified against his friends.

So, the case was investigated further and in the 2011 federal trial, Brandon and Derrick were sentenced to nine years imprisonment. Now, all the three suspects have been released and living their lives privately without any social media.

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