Victor Steele Now: Where is Anita Wooldridge Kidnapper today?

Anita Wooldridge had just graduated from college and something happened to her that she will probably never forget for the rest of her life. Anita was kidnapped by a rapist named Victor Steele and kept her captive for 8 days. After the family filed the report of Anita missing, the police swung into action and the culprit was caught. Her survival story was also broadcasted on Investigation Discovery and people praised her courage and toughness. Let’s find out where are they today?

Who is Victor Steele?

Victor Thomas Steele is a criminal from Kokomo, Indiana who was convicted for ten years behind the bars in a case of unrelated 1985 sexual assault before kidnapping Anita Wooldridge(woolridge). The truth is, he knows her prey from a very long time. First of all, he met Anita at a Celebrity Fitness center where she worked earlier.

Victor Steele now

Who is Anita Wooldridge?

Anita is a firefighter and co-author of Eight Days in Darkness that was published in 2010. She has co-authored the book with her therapist, Angela Roegner where she has explained about the abduction she faced and how police come to rescue her after eight days of kidnapping.

The Whole Story behind Anita Wooldridge Kidapping

Since, both the victim and the culprit know each other, police give a thought that the crime might be pre-planned. But as the cops investigated further, they found that they knew each other but they weren’t close at all.

On 25 June 1988, Victor arrived at Anita’s home without informing and Anita while she was getting ready for a lunch date. She didn’t give a second thought and allow Victor to enter into the house as he was just asking for a glass of water.

However, this proved to be her biggest mistake as the criminal was taking a stun gun who shocked her thrice and make her collapse on the floor. Her boyfriend was eager to meet her but worried when she wasn’t there so he informed the police that her 21 year old girlfriend went missing.

Since, Victor carried Anita in her car to an apartment in La Crosse, Wisconsin, it become harder for the officers of Indiana to investigate through the case. But finally on 2 July 1988, cops managed to track the exact location of Anita at La Crosse and rescued Anita.

Where is Victor Steele now?

The criminal got lifetime imprisonment in 1999 and currently he remains incarcerated at the USA Penitentiary in Tucson, Arizona.

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