Irving Galarza Now: Where is Susan Borden’s attempted murderer today? Is he Dead or Alive?

Irving Galarza is the man who who attempt to murder an old woman. Investigation Discovery’s latest show ‘Fear Thy Neighbor: Cock-a-Doodle Dead’ highlights the detail of the arson case that happened at the morning of 10 February 2015 at 8:30 am when a house started burning with an explosive tore through three homes on West 33rd Street Tuesday.

Who is Irving Galarza?

Irving Galarza attempted to murder his neighbor Susanne Borden and also charged for aggravated burglary and firebombing with an arson. He also hired Ismael Camacho and Luis Cruz-Figueroa who were convicted as well in the same criminal act. The reason behind that act was later revealed by the Galarza that he thought that the driveaway was his private property but rental home was not in the mood to agree on this matter.

Who is Irving Galarza

This ignites his anger and he decided to burn the house of his neighbor to take his revenge. At the time of setting fire, Irvin and his wife Carmen Carallobo were inside the home. A 54-year-old woman was also rushed to the hospital when the fire started.

Who is Susanne Borden?

Susanne Borden is a quiet lady who shifted to Cleveland, Ohio in West 33rd Street in search of a rental house. She is a lonely woman who lived her two cats, a cute dog, and a cat. However, she got friendly neighbor as Irvin but soon there will some signs of jealousy in her neighbor’s mind that were not good for her health.

Susanne Borden now

Where is Irving Galarza now?

Today, Irvin Galarza is serving his 11 years imprisonment at the Ohio Department of Corrections and will be released in the 2027. He has to pay $50,000 to his victims. However, Irvin was first pleaded not guilty but after 4 days of trial, he confesses his crime but the actual information was leaked by Camacho and Figueroa that he hired them.

The intelligent investigators were keeping those victims on their toes and finally made them speak the truth and explain their full plan. Later on, the reason behind arson become clear and both Camacho and Figueroa pleaded guilty to the charges in exchange for lenient sentencing.

You can check out the official article of Cleveland and the show is currently streaming on Investigation Discovery.

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  1. 11 years isn’t nearly enough of a sentence for Lucho Chirinos. He is a monster in every sense of the word. Men (& I use that term loosely) like him deserve either life in prison or a death sentence. The world’s better off without him.


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