Where is Liz Golyar Now? Cari Farver’s Killer Today, How did she die?

ABC crime thriller show ’20/20: A Tangled Web’ investigates the cold-blooded murder of Cari Farver by Shanna Liz Golyar. The whole story started after Cari went missing from Council Bluffs, Iowa on 13 November 2012 and nowhere to be seen for several months.

However, her friends and family members were continually receiving messages from her that she is starting a new life in Kansas. But, in reality, it was not Cari, it was her killer Shanna Elizabeth Golyar.

The case was taking lots of twists and turns but finally on 22 December 2016, Golyar was arrested and charged with Farver’s murder. The murderer was also found as the on and off girlfriend of Cari’s boyfriend and he was also involved in the crime.

Who is Liz Golyar?

Shanna Liz Golyar is a Nebraskan woman and a party girl when she was hooked up with a 35 year old single father, Dave Kroupa.

She was looking to take her relationship to the next level while Dave was only planning to intimate with her without any long term goals.

However, Liz was trying her best to keep Dave involved with her until he met 37-year old Cari Lea Farver who become his priority.

Who is Cari Farver?

Cari Lea Farver was born on 30 November 1974 inside Iowa. She resided in Macedonia, Iowa with her family that includes her son, Maxwell Farver and mother Nancey Raney. To know more about the family of Cari Farver and her link with the killer Liz Golyar, you can also checkout this article.

Cari Farver with son maxwell

The Whole Story behind Cari Farver Murder and Disappearance (who killed her?)

A desperate Liz planned to start a harassing campaign against Cari and started threatening her over phone calls and internet. Finally, in November 2012, Cari quitted her job and started sending hate messages to his boyfriend Dave. Liz was also claiming that she is receiving threatening messages from Cari.

file photo of Shanna Liz Golyar who killed Cari Farver

Moreover, Dave’s property was vandalized by Cari and Liz shot her leg only to blame Cari but the cops were intelligent and become active on finding no signs of shooter anywhere.

However, things become more fishy, Cari was nowhere to be seen and Liz claiming that she is receiving messages from a phantom attacker who has killed Cari and her next target is her.

As the police investigates, they found that those messages were sent by Liz to herself and after four your Farver’s disappearance in 13 November 2012, the truth was surfaced and Liz revealed what she has done.

Where is Shanna Liz Golyar Now?

Shanna Liz Golyar is currently detained in Nebraska Correctional Center for Women located west of Nebraska and serving life sentence in prison plus 18 to 20 years for the 2012 murder of her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend Cari.

The case is dated 5 December 2016, on the day she was arrested 4 years after the disappearance of Carrie Farver. Shanna Golyar is currently

By that time, it was only revealed that Liz had scheduled messages using an app on Carrie’s phone. In this way, she took the time to bomb the results when she was dating Dave. For this reason, the Dave did not doubt her.

cari farver killer liz golyar

Shanna showed herself as Carrie for many years, doing this so cleverly that no one even suspected her. The investigation has revealed that Liège killed Cari within 24 hours of her disappearance.

Some evidence and photographs provided by the Dave to investigators reveal that Liz had also burnt Carrie’s body to vanish whole evidence.

In these photographs, the police found a photo of a woman with a Chinese tattoo on her arm burning a dead body. Surprisingly, the same tattoo was also on Liz’s arm. This is where the police tightened their grip on the liz.

In August 2017, Liz was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole after a single jury trial, and also received an additional 18 to 20 years in 2013 for setting fire to his home.

You can also check out another case of an NYPD cop Valerie Cincinelli who was sentenced for hiring hitmen to kill her husband.

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