Valerie Cincinelli Now: Where is the NYPD Cop who tried to kill her husband Isaiah Carvalho?

The calm streets of New York held a shocking secret in 2019 – a cold-blooded murder plot crafted by a former cop named Valerie Cincinelli.

To the outside world, Valerie seemed like a normal woman – a 12-year veteran of the NYPD, a mother raising her young daughter. But behind closed doors, she harbored a twisted plan to have her estranged husband Isaiah Carvalho killed.

Valerie turned to her boyfriend John DiRubba to carry out her dark wishes. She gave him $7,000 in cash to hire a hitman to brutally murder Isaiah.

But it didn’t stop there – Valerie wanted John’s own teenage daughter killed as well, to eliminate any witnesses. John was horrified, but agreed to go along with the plan while secretly working with the FBI to gather evidence against Valerie.

Valerie Cincinelli today
Valerie Cincinelli with husband Isaiah Carvalho and daughter

The trap was set – an FBI agent posed as the hitman, ready to meet with Valerie. But just before the takedown, Valerie started to suspect something was amiss. She had spotted an unmarked law enforcement vehicle outside her home. In a panic, she frantically called off the hit.

It was too late – her murderous designs had already been exposed. On May 17th, 2019, Valerie was arrested and charged with two counts of murder-for-hire and one count of obstruction of justice. Though she pleaded not guilty, the evidence against her was damning. Phone calls, text messages, and cash payments all pointed to her blood-stained hands.

In 2021, Valerie Cincinelli tearfully pleaded guilty to the murder-for-hire charges. She was sentenced to 4 years behind bars. Her husband Isaiah, though reporting living in constant fear, is still alive despite his wife’s deadly wishes.

And so the case of Valerie Cincinelli came to a close – a shocking saga of a twisted ex-cop who tried to have her own family killed. It just goes to show that even those who have sworn to uphold the law can have the darkest demons hiding inside.

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Who is Valerie Cincinelli?

Valerie Cincinelli is 38 years old retired New York Police officer who attempted to kill her husband and boyfriend’s teenage daughter. She was incarcerated at the Federal Medical Center- Lexington, Kentucky in 2019 and has been released from the prison on 12 October 2022, after completing her punishment of four years.

She was 34 years old when she was charged with two counts of murder for hire and one count for breaking the laws. At first, she tried her best to put all the blame on her boyfriend but eventually the prosecutors find her guilty and threat to public security leading to her conviction.

Finally, in May 2019, she was pleaded guilty for the attempt to hiring killer charges and sentenced for four years but in April 2021, her charges to hire a murderer charges were removed and her sentence reduced by one year.

Who is Isaiah Carvalho?

Isaiah Carvalho Jr is a New Yorker who came across Valerie Cincinelli in 2012 and get married for five years until she filed a divorce in 2017 to end the marriage. He doesn’t ever believe that the woman he was married to five years and had a son can plan to end his life.

Today in 2023, the man still lives in the fear even though his wife is serving her punishment. He is determined to spread awareness about his suffering and planning to move on in his life.

Who is John DiRubba?

John DiRubba is also a new Yorker and a good father who was paid $7000 by his girlfriend to hire a serial killer. However, the man leaked the whole information to honest cops because he doesn’t want anyone to get killed especially her teenage daughter.

Today in 2023, he works as a bakery and tattoo shop owner who builds and flips houses to make a living for him and family. However, nothing much is known about him now as he prefers to keep his life private and away from spotlight.

Just like the stepfather of Alissa Turney, who was suspected to be the person behind the her diasppearance, he was jailed but released after not pleaded guilty in court.

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