Where is Alissa Turney now? Has somebody found her?

Alissa Turney was a normal high school student who loved art and spending time with her friends but she had a difficult family life. Her stepdad Michael was very strict and even spied on Alissa at home and work.

On May 17, 2001, when Alissa was 17 years old, she went missing from Phoenix, Arizona. Her stepfather Michael told police, Alissa ran away to California after they had a heated argument, leaving behind a note saying she was tired of her life and wanted to start fresh.

But there were some strange things about Alissa’s supposed runaway situation. She left behind things she needed like her phone, makeup, and $1,800 in her bank account, which didn’t seem like the way someone planning to start a new life would pack.

Alissa Turney holding her files for the school
Courtsey of Turney Family

Her friends said Alissa would have contacted them if she really ran away. And some said Michael had made Alissa uncomfortable in the past. The police wondered – did Michael know more than he said about why Alissa disappeared?

Police kept investigating to try to find Alissa. In 2006, a man in Florida lied that he killed her. After going through his false statements, cops started investigating Alissa’s stepfather Michael once again.

In 2010, the police searched Michael’s home and found he had hidden 26 bombs! Very suspicious.

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The police investigated Alissa’s disappearance for years, but they never found any evidence of what happened to her. In 2010, they found 26 pipe bombs in Michael’s house, but they couldn’t link them to Alissa’s case.

In 2019, Alissa’s younger sister, Sarah, started speaking out about the case on social media.

Sarah believed that her father was responsible for Alissa’s disappearance and started two true crime podcasts, “Voices for Justice” and “Disappearances,” to raise awareness of the case.

She spoke out on social media and podcasts requesting the police to charge Michael for her sister’s murder.

Her efforts led to Michael’s arrest in 2020 on the charges of Alissa’s murder, reported by PEOPLE.

The trial was a rollercoaster ride, with both sides presenting their evidence and arguments and in the end, jury did not find enough proof to convict Michael in the court and all charges against him in connection with the disappearance of 17-year-old Alissa Turney were dropped, according to NBC.

Alissa Turner Found or Still Missing?

Heartbreakingly, Alissa’s case remains unsolved, and her whereabouts are still unknown. Her family and friends continue to hope for answers, holding onto the belief that one day, justice will be served for Alissa. They believe someone will come forward with new information to help solve this case.

This is a reminder that we should always be aware of our surroundings and the people we trust. We should never be afraid to speak up if we feel like something is wrong.

Where is Michael Turney now?

Michael Turney’s present location remains a mystery to the general public. He was released from jail in 2023 after serving three years in prison.

Only officials closely involved in the investigation into his missing stepdaughter may have insight into his whereabouts, which they have not disclosed.

His family has cut ties with him, though he says, he will keep searching for answers about his missing stepdaughter Alissa Turney.

Where is Alissa Turney’s mom?

Alissa’s mom Barbara Farner passed away of Cancer when she was just 9 years old.

Who is Alissa Turney’s biological father?

Stephen Strahm is the biological father of Alissa Turney.

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