We Wish You a Married Christmas Filming Locations, Full Cast, Synopsis

We Wish You a Married Christmas is the second(after Noel Next Door) Hallmark Coutdown to Christmas movie directed by Paul Ziller from the screenplay of Nicole Baxter.

It stars our favorite Hallmark actor Kristoffer Polaha and Riverdale star Marisol Nichols in the lead role of a married couple having hard time reconnecting during the festival season.

Ian Dimerman has produced, Sara McCudden has done the decoration, Kim Wright is handling the makeup department under Hallmark Entertainment Productions.

Where was We Wish You a Married Christmas filmed?

The Hallmark movie sets in the US state of Vermont but the actual shooting of We Wish You a Married Christmas took place in and around Carman city of Manitoba province inside Canada.

Most of the outdoor scenes took place in this small agricultural community of Southern Manitoba while the farm scene were filmed in Winnipeg during summer 2022.

We wish you a married christmas filming locations
Hallmark Sneak Peek

Even though, the film talks about a fictional fair but Carman city hosts a real fair. It is one of the oldest running fairs in Manitoba namely the Carmen Country Fair that was established in 1879. The place is known for its outdoor activities and that’s why all the exterior scenes of the movie were shot there.

Perimeter Alpacas farm is a local Manitoba hobby farm that has been featured in the film. Marisol and Polaha shared their hilarious experiences while working on the farm. Polaha revealed in the recent QnA on the Hallmark Channel that they shutdown the filming for an hour just to enjoy the cacophony of nature.

Other than that, the duo shared some important plot details that gonna surpirse you for real. You can checkout the video that is available on the official Youtube Channel of Hallmark or directly watch the movie on the Hallmark Channel as it is now available to watch.

Manitoba Province is getting popular among filmmakers especially for holiday movies. Some recent projects helmed in the same province are Hanukkah on Rye, Autumn in the City, Perfect Harmony, and Pumpkin Everything.

We Wish You a Married Christmas Cast

Kristoffer Polaha is a beloved name in Hallmark world and that’s wh, fans are eagerly waiting for Mystery 101 episode 8 that gonna show the status of his (Travis) relationship with Jill Wagner(Amy).

  • René Escobar Jr. as Antonio
  • Marisol Nichols as Becca
  • Kristoffer Polaha as Robbie
  • Cindy Myskiw as Caroler / townsfolk
  • Brian Sills as Vince
  • Frederick Allen as Cheese Monger
  • Lauren Cochrane as Cindy
  • Amy Groening
  • Ward Keith as Townsfolk and Picture Car driver
  • Derek Kun as Commercial Man
  • Claude Knowlton
  • Tom Young as Harold
  • Carolina Campos as Commercial Woman


We Wish You a Married Christmas is about a struggling couple who decides to start their relationship from the scratch after being unable to communicate. After taking advice from a marriage coach, they chose to spend this year holidays at a nice inn inside a tiny town of Vermont.

We Wish You a Married Christmas synopsis

Even though, it is an effort to reconcile, the couple is feeling trapped and just want to get out of the cozy Vermont Inn. It turns out that the town has many interesting holiday traditions and games that the couple is unaware of.

Soon, Robby and Becca discovers the coziness of the town and remember what brought them together. Will they start having fun together now or they believe that the thing is not for them?

We Wish You a Married Christmas is premiering on the Hallmark Channel on 23 October at 6 p.m., 27 October 27 at 8 p.m., 5 November at 2 p.m., 24 November at 2 a.m., and 29 November at 4 p.m. Eastern Time.

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