Mystery 101 Episode 8 Release Date, Countdown, Preview, Spoilers, Recap, Watch Online

Mystery 101 episode 8 is really arising curiosity among Hallmark mystery fans as episode 7 concluded with some interesting turning points regarding the engagement of Travis.

Created by Robin Bernheim and Lee Goldberg, Mystery 101 is an American series of mystery TV movies whose story moves around Amy Winslow and detective Travis Burke who are detective partner who solves crimes mysteries together in the small town of Garrison with Amy’s father.

It stars Jill Wagner, Robin Thomas, Kristoffer Polaha, Erin Cahill, Preston Vanderslice, Sarah Dugdale, and Derek Greem. The series airs new installments on Hallmark movies and mysteries channel in the United States.

When does episode 8 of Mystery 101 comes out?

Mystery 101 Episode 8 was expected to release around September 2022 at 08:00 PM EDT on Hallmark movies and Mysteries Channel but the news is coming that filming for the eight part hasn’t started yet.

However, Kristoffer Polaha(Detective Travis) has to say that they are planning to release another episode very soon. So, keep your hopes up and wait patiently for the arrival of new movie.

A new episode is expected only if the shooting took place and currently, no details have been announced by the original film studios.

Why was Mystery 101 Episode 8 delayed?

The main reason behind the delayed production is that the cast members were busy doing another movie.

Polaha was doing We Wish You a Married Christmas, Haul Out the Holly, Winning Team, Buried in Barstow while Jill Wagner was starring in A Merry Christmas Wish & A Christmas Miracle for Daisy.

Due to their tight schedule, the production wasn’t possible and still the details are unclear except Polaha’s comment that gives us hope that episode 8 of Mystery 101 is confirmed and will definitely premiere on our TV screens via Hallmark Movies and Mysteries.

The latest episode was released on 1st of August 2021 and now a new episode is awaited but no official air date is confirmed from the side of Hallmark or any creator.

When will the filming began for Mystery 101 episode 8?

I know you have been waiting for Mystery 101 episode 8 from more than a year and the waiting really sucks especially when you don’t find any offical updates and I relate you as a fan. Let me tell you why the new episode hasn’t arrived yet.

Mystery 101 episode 8 filming

The cast members were actually busy in making other films in 2021-2022 like we talked in the previous heading. However, the two busiest cast members, Kristoffer Polaha & Jill Wagner aren’t too busy in 2023.

So, this is the perfect time to began the filming for the new episode of Mystery 101 and if that happens then we will be able to see the 8th episode before Christmas 2023. Are you excited?

Where to stream Mystery 101 online?

Currently, 7 episodes of the movie series has been released that are available to access through the Hallmark’s official website, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, and iTunes.

Mystery 101: Deadly History Recap

In episode 7 of Mystery 101, we saw Travis coming back on screen to integrate into the Winslow family for another investigation because this time the lost person is Amy’s uncle, Alistair.

The disappearance of a close relative also give rise to an emotional attachment between Amy and Travis but we saw the tragic backstory of Travis’s old marriage that develops his attitude to stay away from a relationship.

Mystery 101 episode 7 recap

The movie ended skipping 11 months where Amy gets married to another man and Alistair realizing that he had misinterpreted the threatening note and it was not hinting towards a murder but his affair. Heavy reported that Jill Wagner was actually pregnant during the shooting of this episode.

Mystery 101 Episode 8 Spoilers

Mystery 101 Episode 8 preview shows that Travis Burke and Amy Winslow will return to solve another murder mystery case together.

This time Travis is assigned to look for the potential murderer of Amy’s fiancé, this is really an embarrassing moment for both of them as the closeness between the partners increasing constantly and now Travis have to aware from Amy’s past.

Amy is now engaged with her new husband as we have seen at the end of 7th episode but that lucky guy is not Travis. This opens the door for a new case assignment to detective Travis and his love interest Amy.

What do you think will going to happen in Mystery 101 Episode 8? How will Amy face Travis now?

54 thoughts on “Mystery 101 Episode 8 Release Date, Countdown, Preview, Spoilers, Recap, Watch Online”

    • Ha ha the same!! I was so so dissapointed about this ending!! why, how? all that build up sexual tension, kissing, become love partners not just “partners”, confessing their love for each other to BOOM – Amy getting engaged with another guy? That ain’t right! But my suspisions and thoughts are that in all great love stories there has to be a setback, just so the “get back together” can become even STRONGER that the first get together. I think and I honestly hope this is what they are trying to pull. I think from what I’ve read in spoilers to come, that Travis investigating around Amy’s fiancé will bring them closer together and finally she will cry out in his arms and Travis will realise that they are meant for eachother. since we don’t really know what happend those 11 months i really wish the 8th movie starts with “11 months earlier”…

      • Couldn’t agree more about the scary, shocking, and disappointing trailer of the 7th episode!!! I can see how causing the separation between Travis and Amy will cause some real tension and thus, a definite audience but if they don’t get back together, that just won’t be right!!! I also hope they won’t drag getting them back together over several episodes. They are just two fantastic actors and the chemistry they act out between them is really, really good. Just can not get enough of those two together. I find it almost embarrassing to admit how many times I have watched each of their episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        And why is it taking so long before the 8th episode is released? This, in my opinion, is the number 1 mystery show for Hallmark with Allison Sweeney coming in an extremely close 2nd!!!!!

      • I don’t think they broke up at all. I mean, they were so slow in realizing their feelings and confessing, it doesn’t make sense that in the time it took for them to break up, her to move on and start dating again, for her to already be engaged. My guess is that it’s an ex-fiance, some guy from her past that came back. And maybe he like cheated or was abusive or something and some of the tension at the end is because she’s going to be a suspect.

        • I don’t think they broke up either. Here’s my theory: Somehow Amy got amnesia and didn’t remember Travis at all and got engaged to someone else. If you look at Amy’s face at the end of Episode 7, she doesn’t seem to know Travis at all. Anyway, my opinion only.

  1. I love mystery 101. Deadly . I watch it over and over. When i saw the preview for the the next movie i was so depressed i lost 10 pounds. Please don’t split Travis and amy up.

  2. Love mystery 101 can’t get enough of it they need to stop making them so far however I do understand with her being pregnant close to having the baby there needs to be time off but please put Amy & Travis back together, to give us that cliffhanger and to not have another one coming out in a month and having to wait until February just is not fair.

  3. It has been engrossing to watch Travis, Amy & Graham come together. They work wonderfully & seamlessly with each other and are a pleasure to watch. #7 is outstanding & Travis’s backstory was fascinating. Kris Polaha did a genuinely touching acting job with it.
    Mystery 101, for the most part, is my favorite series of HMMHD shows. It would be seriously tragic if the format was dropped & the Travis, Amy & Graham was trio was abandoned.

  4. Clever scripts! Superb cast! We cannot see Amy with anyone else so that 8th episode hopefully gets them back on track with each other…. Kris is a joy , so gentlemanly yet a fab cop, all business when he needs to be.

  5. Mystery 101 is just great. Cast most story lines etc. Would love to see Bud and girlfriend come back to series. Graham is wonderful, just wonderful. Any and Travis don’t know what happened need to wait snd see. They need to hang onto their leads after the catastrophe in Chesapeake Shores.

  6. I enjoyed watching the last episode of Mystery 101 Deadly History I can’t imagine Travis and Amy not being together they are definitely in love Hallmark theses Characters need to be together .Tori Savage

  7. I have the 4 movie DVD series of Murder 101 and watch it frequently. Can’t believe the ending of episode 7 What the heck?? I’m 73 and a very avid watcher of all that is Hallmark, but The Movie and Mystery Series are my favorite. Murder 101,Murder She Baked(has a new name),but same characters, and Crossword Puzzle Mystery are among my favorite. Please don’t change “M” 101, which breaking up
    Travis and Amy would do. Also both actors were great in The Pearl in Paradise Movie. Karen Janos

    • Karen,
      I couldn’t agree more. I’m 72 and I absolutely love the Hallmark Movies with my absolute favorites being:of
      1. Murder Mystery 101
      2. Murder She Baked and the Mystery under the new name – as long as it’s Alison Sweeney, I don’t care what title they use!!!
      3. Crossword Puzzle Mystery with Lacy S.
      Those three actresses, in my opinion, are Hallmark’s finest and their male actors with them are also very good with Kristoffer Polaha as one of the best male actors out there!!!

  8. I agree. Absolutely love Mystery 101.
    Its my number 3
    1 being Emma Fielding
    2 Murder She Baked, (waiting for the wedding episode)
    3 Mystery 101
    4. Crossword Mystery
    5. Aurora Teagarden
    So far have not been disappointed by any till now.

  9. I hope the delay has nothing to do with many of the actors moving or signing contracts with GAC. Already Hallmark Spring Movies are starring some new actors. I hope the actors are allowed to work for both Networks.

  10. I wonder if Amy has gone undercover on a secret mission?
    Can she get getting engaged in 11 moths if she made it to her current age not getting married. She’s not someone that rushes into relationships. 🤔

  11. love Mystery 101 and recently read that 101 is the top ratered mystery for Hallmark. Please get it made and give us episode number 8 asap. Us fans have waited long enough!

  12. Travis’ partner didn’t know who Amy was. Doesn’t that mean it’s a flashback to the first movie when her fiancé is killed?

  13. I’d bet money that the “fiancé” thing is a misdirect. I mean, it took them forever to admit their feelings, I don’t see her getting engaged so quickly to someone else. My guess? It’s going to be a guy from her past. Maybe a guy that she dated in college and then they got engaged and split up. So, it’s not really her fiancé, but her EX-fiancé.


  15. It is one week until June 2022. June marks the eleven months since the last movie aired, leaving the “11 months later” cliffhanger. If it isn’t airing soon I figure it won’t be airing at all. I like Hallmark though this has really caused some disenchantment for me. I really like Jill Wagner and Kristoffer Polaha, they are on screen magic, be it Mystery 101 or whatever else they appear in. There are not so many screen couples like them. Hepburn & Tracey had that magic. They really click beautifully for the viewer. That aside, the movies have also captured the hearts of the mystery lovers out here. Hallmark, some actors are jumping ship these days. But you have a bigger problem. The biggest die hard Hallmark channel fan I know, who watched the channel all day until your 2021 programming changes, recently said, “I’m not too big on Hallmark anymore. They’re still airing Christmas movies and we’re a month away from the Christmas in July stuff.” Could’ve knocked me over with a feather after hearing that. Frankly your Christmas movies depress me as there is so very little Christ in your Christmas. 40 movies and I could count the mangers on one hand! Then I remember it’s Hallmark, a commercial retail company, duh. Should Hallmark decide to drop Mystery 101, I humbly ask they let GAC Family have it. Or another outlet is good too.

  16. I agree it is very upsetting that the end of episode 7 they are not together that makes no sense. The chemistry that they have is undeniable. I watch it over and over again and I still don’t see were they would go in a different direction. I hope they bring them back together. If not a lot of people will be heart broken.

  17. Today May 29th is another day of the Best drama series – Mystery 101! that Hallmark started producing in 2019! I am one of thousands of viewers that click on your Hallmark channel to see what is scheduled.l either tape it or sit to watch depending on times living in Canada-time difference is awkward. Jill Wagner,Kris Polaha,Robin Thomas are the Best! in bringing real life to their roles (Amy,Travis,Graham)Jill and Kris just have that klick and are so natural and easy going with one another. You just don’t feel that “chemistry” like other fellow actors. Robin is the perfect “dad” always has that glow in his eyes for Jill (Amy) always beautiful thoughtful moments between Jill and Robin. Changes are difficult to take and l for one don’t like major changes but if Hallmark has any feelings for there viewers who have been there all these years PLEASE keep Mystery 101 going – in the long run Hallmark will come out looking good!. Please think of your faithful viewers!!!

  18. Fortunately or unfortunately…..I agree with other comments – the relationship between Amy and Travis make this show so special. Their absence will lose viewership.

  19. Love these films. They need to get Amy and Travis together permanently. Takes 7 films to get them to admit their feelings and then goes off in the wrong direction

  20. I really appreciated going through the comments and certainly agree with the main sentiment that Amy and Travis realistically must officially tie the knot in the not too distant future (no pun intended). I suggest that what we saw was a cliffhanger ending that was a hallmark (no pun intended) of the b/w Saturday matinee serials shown in cinemas in the 1950s to encourage viewers to come back next week. The strategy still works. What disappoints me is the departures of Claire and Budd owing to Claire being transferred to Hawaii. It sometimes happens because of actor non-availability but I’d love to see a Mystery 101 Hawaii spinoff with Budd and Claire, noting of course the most appealing role reversal.

  21. Don”t all you fans realize the Hallmark channel could’nt care less what you think,the executives will just do what they want. I do hope Mystery 101 and Martha’s Vineyard mysteries do come back.

  22. It is not often you see two actors with such great charisma on screen. I patiently await the return of Kris Pohala as detective Travis Burke and Jill Wagner as Amy Winslow.

  23. Ok get on with 8 already. And what is up with this twist at the end of 7. No just no. Put them back together, don’t drag it out and get back to making the great shows we have come to love.

  24. MORE MORE. Please hurry with the 8,9 & more. Season of Mystery 101. I loved Mystery 101 with Amy and Chris. I’m awaiting the next one. It just takes too long to present them to us. My Absolute FAVORITE of all Lifetime and Hallmark movies is Mystery 101.

    • Diane – I agree with you that Mystery 101 is excellent. I watch everything on “Hallmark Movies Now” and Mystery 101 is a favorite, well written, acted, directed and edited. The scene where Travis shares about his family with Amy moved me: I believe because Jill and Kris were moved by the script. Mystery 101 displays the integrity of all who contribute to it.

      Whatever the befalls the characters in the next episode will be very interesting.

  25. I just started watching last year. I watched every episode 1 thru 7 back to back. I could not believe what happened. They admit that they love each other and then she is engaged to someone else. If no. does not come out soon with good news I will never watch Mystery 101 again cause I just can’t handle watching knowing what’s going to happen.

  26. I don’t understand how do you try to destroy the series what do they have against real relationships it’s sickening plastic don’t even make any sense sense

  27. WHAT?! That was a terrible ending to episode 7. Where on earth is episode 8? Does anyone have any idea if there is a new release date? It was supposed to be Sept of 2022 and it is currently March of 2023. Dying to know what happened!

    • I so agree.
      How do they go from her saying yes to his proposal and 11 months later engaged to someone else!
      Not only do I want Episode 8 to air ASAP I Need Episode 8 to fill in the gaps


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