Snowflake Mountain Filming Location, Full Netflix Cast, Synopsis

Snowflake Mountain is a British survival reality TV series produced by Andy Cullen, Cherry Sandhu, and Nick Walker under Naked and Netflix productions.

The series follows a group of rich individuals falling in the age of 20 to 26 years who are not living their life to their maximum potential.

To unlock their hidden power, they enter into the wilderness of jungles to takeover a deadly retreat while surviving their summer challenges in dense forests.

The forests are looking stunning and perfect for an adventure ride and that’s why viewers are eagerly waiting to visit the place.

From the royal estate, it is clear that the place is located somehow in England but where was the whole series took place.

Where is Snowflake Mountain filmed?

Snowflake Mountain was filmed in Lake District National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site located inside England, UK during March 2022.

A production setup was prepared at the expensive Graythwaite Estate, the contestants were camped out in the 5000 acres of land surrounding the Graythwaite Hall.

Snowflake Mountain filming locations
Netflix Production

The mountain region consists of several forests, lakes, and open land that make it a popular tourist destination a perfect shooting location for a survival reality show like College Hill Celebrity Edition of BET+.

A cast member Devon shared some photos on his Instagram near the banks of Lake District while the other member shared the pics at Graythwaite Estate and Lake District National Park.

Graythwaite Hall is located near Hawkshead town of Cumbria inside Lake District, England while The Graythwaite Estate is a family run country estate in Lake District.

The place is the home to the Sandys family that consists of forest, woodland, and lakeside where the production team setup a shooting camp to film the thrilling scenes of kidults in their survival adventure.

Lake District National Park was also used to shoot some scenes, another cast shared on Instagram.

Some other TV shows filmed in England were The Old Man series, Downtown Abbey, Harry Potter, Calendar Girls, Jurassic World Dominion, Toscana, Hotel Portofino, etc.

Where to watch Snowflake Mountain?

The survival based reality TV series is now streaming on Netflix since its official premiere on 22 June 2022.

Snowflake Mountain Netflix location

Snowflake Mountain Cast

  • Deandra from Brooklyn, NY(24)
  • Olivia from Cincinnati. Ohio(25)
  • Rae from Kent, UK(25)
  • Devon from NY(20)
  • Solomon from LA, California(26)
  • Darriea from Syracuse, NY(25)
  • Carl from LA, California(22)
  • Liam from Warwickshire, UK(21)
  • Randy from Kissimmee, FL(23)
  • Sunny from Pennsylvania(26)


A group of 10 rich participants is thrown in a dense forest at a wilderness survival retreat to live without parents, water, food, supplies, and luxury life but the bumper prize money keeps the motivation of survivors alive.

The participants will try to form groups to have a better chance of survival but there can only be one winner.

Former survival experts Matt and Joel are leading the bunch of 20 contestants who are having their eyes focused on $50,000 prize.

The ex-military leaders are here to keep the participants on their toes and prove that participants have done the biggest mistake of their life.

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