Deadly Yoga Retreat Filming Locations, Lifetime Cast Details, Synopsis

Deadly Yoga Retreat is a 2022 American thriller movie directed and co-written by Brian Herzlinger with Robert Black. The thriller film follows a married woman named Isabella and her husband Patrick who were living happily in their residence until the signs of frailties become visible.

When her husband advise to attend the yoga retreat, she convince herself and get there. The movie is produced under ZMA Films and distributed by Lifetime that stars Ashlyn Ani, Lisa Beck, and Jonathan Bennett in the lead roles.

Where was Deadly Yoga Retreat filmed?

Deadly Yoga Retreat was filmed inside Maui, Hawaii during November 2021. The waterfall scene shooting took place at an actual waterfall named Twin Falls Maui Waterfall located at 6300 Hana Highway in the incorporated community of Haiku. Brian shared some photos on his Instagram while the filming was ongoing.

Where was Deadly Yoga Retreat filmed
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The crew was also spotted in Kaanapali region of Maui country during mid November 2021. It is a census designated place on the island of Maui having a total area of 6.3 square miles. The beach is located on the western shore of Maui, a couple miles north of the old whaling town of Lahaina. Various resorts have been built since that time but the Kā’anapali Beach Resort remains most popular.

Hawaii is a popular location for thriller and romantic movies like Don’t Look Up, Sweet Pecan Summer, White Lotus, Temptation island, etc.

Cast of Deadly Yoga Retreat

  • Ashlyn Ani as Everly
  • Lisa Beck as Exercise Assistant 2
  • Leilani Bright as Exercise Instructor 2
  • Ashley Brinkman as Nina
  • Kisha Giles as Exercise Assistant 1
  • Danielle Burkhardt as Yoga Student 1
  • Vene Chun as Jeffrey
  • Tiera Conley as Yoga Student 3
  • Jonathan Bennett as Remy Morrow
  • Danielle Delaunay as Gretchen
  • Kim Morgan as Patron 3
  • Eric Gilliom as Patrick Miller
  • Kassie Inouye as Yoga Student 2
  • Carmen Kuruts as Patron 2
  • Michael Kuruts as Patron 1
  • Patty Lee as Erica
  • Sonia De Luna as Yoga Student 5
  • Paul Morgan as Patron 4
  • Mikaela Odello as Yoga Intern 2
  • Jessica Penepent as Yoga Student 4
  • Sarah Ashley Rodriguez as Pam
  • Geronimo Son as Mike
  • Danielle C. Ryan as Isabella Miller
  • Allison Wigley as Exercise Instructor 1
  • Magdalena Odonnell as Yoga Intern 1
  • Jennifer Rikert Wolski as Lisa

Is Deadly Yoga Retreat a True Story?

No, ‘Deadly Yoga Retreat’ is not a true story. The narrative is the product of the creative minds and writing of Robert Black and Brian Herzlinger. Remy Morrow is a yoga guru who maintains a charming and professional facade but keeps his murderous urges under wraps until he finds the right time to kill his own guests. However, when Isabella learns his dark truth and becomes his next target, she must do everything she can to escape from his clutches.


Isabella receives an invitation to take part in an exclusive Yoga retreat organized by a famous guru Remy Morrow. She decides to attend the retreat as her husband convinces. However, upon arriving to the place, she realizes that Remy and the whole retreat camp is a creep. She discovers that Remy is killing guests one by one and soon finds herself in the living hell.

Instead of accepting her destiny, she shows courage to stand against the guru and expose his true identity in front of everyone. The task isn’t easy as it seems and the place is full of surprises. Will Isabella survive the yoga retreat or not?

Deadly Yoga Retreat is now streaming on Lifetime channel and the official website since its release on 5 June 2022.

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