Where was Roommate Regret filmed? See Lifetime Cast Details

Directed by Peter Foldy and written by Sam Benjamin, Roommate Regret is a Lifetime thriller that follows the story of Jessica, a young homeowner who rents out her spare bedroom to a charming British music producer named Alec.

However, Alec’s true motives soon become clear as he begins to act in a strange and unsettling manner, leaving Jessica in a desperate situation.

The movie is produced by Josh Brandon, Ron Wiskup, Peter Foldy, and BL Fleischer under Filmstreet Productions, and the worldwide distribution is done under Artist View Entertainment and Lifetime Television inside the United States.

Roommate Regret Filming Locations

Roommate Regret was filmed in St. Petersburg and Clearwater, the two cities of Pinellas Country in western Florida inside the United States. Principal shooting began in the last week of October 2022, and wrapped after three weeks on Nov 17, 2022.

Here’s a behind the scene picture of the set of Roommate Regret:

Roommate Regret Filming in Pinellas Country, Florida

Most of the scenes were shot in St. Petersburg, Florida. As per local channels, you will see the following landmarks in the film:

  • Clear Track Studios,
  • Johnny’s Restaurant and Pizza,
  • Parkshore Grill,
  • Main Event Boxing Gym,
  • Three Birds Tavern,
  • Straub Park,
  • Green Bench Brewing, and
  • St. Petersburg Police Department.

St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Petersburg has made its filming debut with this Lifetime thriller, and the economy has been positively impacted by the production.

The coastal city’s parks, sweeping views of Tampa Bay, and picturesque piers with an array of boats can be seen in the film along with other attractions.

Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater is another city of Pinellas Country, that was transformed into a filming set by the production team. It located in the western coast of Florida and is the smallest of the three main cities in the Tampa Bay Area.

Gulfport Beach Recreation Area, Florida

The final filming location was the neighboring city of Gulfport, where the crew shot scenes at the Gulfport Beach Recreation Area. This popular tourist destination has picnic areas, beach sports, concerts, festivals, and watersports, that creates a vibrant vacation atmosphere.

If you’re a fan of thriller movies, you’ll also love to check out the shooting locations of Hallmark’s A Taste of Love, Netflix’s Griselda, 3 Body Problem, Pain Hustlers, Caddyshack, etc.

Behind The Scenes

  • Filming began in 2022 under the working title ‘Bad Tenant.’
  • St. Petersburg and Clearwater make their filming debut with this film.
  • 33-person crew resulted in booking of 200+ hotel rooms in the Tampa Bay.
  • Local business also become part of the Lifetime movie set.

Who’s in the cast of Roommate Regret?

The cast of this Lifetime thriller stars famous social media influencer Maryana Dvorska and AEW professional wrestler Laura Dennis. Other cast members are listed as follows:

  • Veronica Long as Luisa
  • Lee Perkins as Dr. Malone
  • Eric Perez as Stee
  • Charlie Shrem as Igor
  • Dennis Mallen as Gaz
  • Sam Benjamin as Preston Black
  • Laura Dennis as Axelle
  • Mary Skinner as Sharon
  • Maryana Dvorska as Jessica
  • Josh Cole as Alec
  • Courtney Warner as Valentina
  • Heather Fraley as Samantha
  • Kate Szekely as Wanda
  • Courtney Elvira as Officer Ramirez
  • Mahmoud Mahmoud as Detective Khan
  • Wade Hunt Williams as Detective Rollins

What is the plot?

The plot revolves around a young homeowner, played by Veronica Long, who rents out a spare room to a seemingly charming British music producer. However, things take a dark turn as the tenant becomes increasingly obsessive and dangerous.

Where to stream Roommate Regret?

Roommate Regret premiered on the Lifetime Channel at 8 pm ET on Thursday, April 11, 2024. If you have missed the premiere, you can stream the film on-demand from the Lifetime app.


This movie is a classic “wrong tenant” story, perfect for fans of the genre. The suspense builds as the protagonist realizes the danger she’s in. While the plot might be familiar, the film keeps you engaged with its fast pace and dramatic twists.

So, if your’re looking for a traditional Lifetime channel with lots of suspense instead of love then this is a good movie to watch. However, if you’re looking for a more developed plot or complex characters, you might not find it interesting.

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