Where was Rise and Shine Benedict Stone Filmed?

Rise and Shine Benedict Stone is a beautiful journey of love discovery in a small town. Likewise various Hallmark movies, the film is directed by Peter Benson whose story is based an eponymous novel of the same name written by Phaedra Patrick, screenplay is done by Melissa Salmons. The story is about a couple who is failed to conceive a child and the genius husband is estranged by his wife. However, niece of Benedict Stone ends up on the couple’s doorstep to reunite them. All the locations are beautifully placed in the Hallmark movie but where was it filmed, lets explore the shooting places.

Rise and Shine Benedict Stone Filming Locations

Rise and Shine Benedict Stone was filmed inside Canada at the location of Vancouver Island, British Columbia like most of the Hallmark movies as Love Strikes Twice. Several indoor and outdoor shooting locations were utilized to get the perfect setup according to Heavy. Some scenes were even filmed at Tonquin Beach inside a coastal town as Ella Belentine shared on her Instagram.

Rise and Shine Benedict Stone filming locations

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Tom Everett is playing the role of Benedict Stone who is a gemstone seller and the estranged husband of Emilia that is played by Mia Maestro. Tom credits include in Southland, William in Reign, 13 Reasons Why, Scream(Kevin Duval), etc. Mia credits include in The Twilight Saga, Mayans MC, The Twilight Saga, and Scandal.

Other cast members include:

  • Ella Ballentine as Gemma/niece of Benedict Stone
  • Matthew James Dowden(Lawrence Donningtonm)
  • Matt Hamilton (Charlie Stone)
  • Roark Critchlow (Reggie)
  • Rochelle Greenwood (Jenny Stone)
  • Francesca Bianchi (Maggie)
  • Maddy Hillis (Lisa)
  • Georgie Daburas (Joseph Stone)
  • Andy Nez (Owen)
  • Austin Trapp (Steve)
  • Stephanie Florian (Diane)
  • Alec Santos (Tony)
  • Quinten James (Young Benedict)

Rise and Shine Benedict Stone Plot

The story of the film centers film around an enthusiastic man who runs his family jewelry business specializing in gemstones. He is also married to a beautiful woman but gets estranged from his wife after not being able conceive a child together. The unexpected arrival of her niece turns his life upside down and opens a new door of romance to recombine with his wife once again.

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