Where was The Wedding Contract filmed? See all Locations

The Wedding Contract is Hallmark’s latest romance film about a Jewish wedding between a cultured Rebecca and an ambitious ad executive Adam.

Jake Epsetin, who is starring in the lead role of Adam has revealed that this Hallmark film is more human and also explained the reason behind it.

He said in a recent interview,

“Yes, romances can happen, but what happens next? What’s the reality of families meeting? Will they get along? Job stuff, does that get in the way of the relationship? It’s kind of a really loving portrayal of a real love story.”

The movie is directed by Peter DeLuise from the scripts given by Karen Berger and has been produced by Robert Lycar under TWC Productions Inc with Joey Plager, Ellie Kanner, Fernando Szew, Jamie Goehring, and Shawn Williamson are joining as executive producers.

The Wedding Contract Filming Locations

The Wedding Contract movie was filmed in Vancouver, Brtish Columbia, Canada during March 2023. Principal filming began on 27 Feb 2023 and wrapped on 10 April 2023 within the Vancouver district of BC.

Jake Epstein has recently posted some behind the scene photos on his Instagram showing all the cast and crew members including director Peter DeLuise.

The Canadian province is well-known among Hallmark filmmakers and when a legendary director like Peter DeLuise is directing then the energy of cast is on another level. Vancouver has become synonymous with Hallmark Productions.

Production team blindly choose Vancouver as their shooting location because of its film friendly environment and neighbors surrounding the area where the exact shooting was taking place.

Even though, the exact locations have been kept under the wraps. Most likely, the whole filming was done in a production camp that the team set in the westernmost province of British Columbia.

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Behind the Scenes

While giving an interview to TV Insider, Jake talks about the importance of Jewish couple representation in the film. Epstein said, he is coming from a family that survived Holocaust and that’s why, the culture is important to him very much.

The Wedding Contract Cast

Jake Epstein is starring in the lead role of Adam alongside Becca Tobin as Rebecca. Other cast members of the Hallmark movie are as follows:

  • Morgana Wyllie as Hannah
  • Laura Soltis as Adam’s Mother
  • David Kaye as Elliot
  • Colleen Wheeler as Sadie
  • Michael Benyaer as Rabbi Solomon
  • Nicole Major as Vanessa
  • Barry W. Levy as Rebecca’s Father
  • Thomas Darya
  • Linda Minard as Marion

What is the Wedding Contract movie about?

The rom-com movie follows Rebecca and Adam, a recently engaged Jewish couple excited to plan their wedding in a tradional manner but there is one problem!!! What’s that? The two have different personalities.

Becca Tobin in The Wedding Contract Hallmark movie
via Hallmark Channel

While Rebecca cares about her cultural traditions, family, and home, Adam is a workaholic man who just cares about his promotion at the company. Adam is not connected to his culture at all but excited to get married after taking a job in LA for a promotion.

The wedding day appraoches and Adam is still giving priority to his work making Rebecca think that if he’s the right one to marry. Things turn beautiful when their mothers shake hands to teach their kids a valuable lesson about love and care.

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The Wedding Contract is set to premiere on Saturday, 17 June 2023 at 8/7c only on Hallmark Channel.

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