Where was Journey of My Heart filmed? Cast and Plot Details

Journey of My Heart is a romantic movie by Hallmark whose story moves around a hardworking wildlife biologist whose personal life get lost her profession and lets her to discover new animal habits. She goes to Alaska to study about the mating behavior of eagles where she met a wilderness guide Eric. Abby takes inspiration from Eric and also starts to like him. The beautiful filming locations made the awesome environment but the filming doesn’t took place in the location that you might think. Although, it is set in Alaska but the shooting places are different. Let’s find out the real filming locations.

Where was Journey of My Heart filmed?

Journey of My Heart was filmed in Vancouver inside Unceeded Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Watuth Territory according to director Lucie Guest. Filming began in April 2021 and completed within a few weeks. The Lakeside Lodge was shot at Loon Lake Lodge which is located near Maple Ridge. A scene where the expedition starts paddling down to Tanana river is Loon Lake and the section also shows Golden Ears mountain range in the background.

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Rhiannon Fish is playing the role of Abby Morgan whose life is moving around her wildlife job which takes her through the lovely Lakeside Lodge to meet a handsome young man.

Journey of My Heart cast

Darien Martin plays the role of Eric Hughes who is a wilderness coach in Alaska and love interest of Abby. His credits include in various TV shows as iZombie, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, The Magicians, Salvation, etc.

Other cast include:

  • Grace Dove as Ellen Rivers
  • Marion Eisman as Alice Winters
  • Ray G. Thunderchild as Jaco Thomas
  • Paul Colin Grenier as Niko Rivers
  • Dan Payne as Davis Bell
  • Bethany Brown as Meaghan Walker

Journey of My Heart Plot

The film was originally titled Love on the Wings of Eagles but it released under different name. This is based on a professional and hardworking biologist named Abby who moves to Alaska to know more about the mating habits of eagles. Unexpectedly, she met a handsome guide named Eric. So, what do you think will Abby pick up Eric with her in the wildlife journey or just act normally. Till there, you can watch the filming location of Party from Hell.

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