Where was Party From Hell filmed? Cast and Review

Party From Hell is a Lifetime thriller film directed by Jared Cohn whose story moves around a hardworking mother, Denise who runs a successful startup along with her home responsibilities. She hires a pro party planner named Molly to organize a great launch of her product without knowing the sinister side of Molly who only wants to destroy her business. When Molly failed to sabotage her reputation, she start to attack her near and dear ones. Let’s find out the places where this movie was filmed?

Party From Hell Filming Locations

Lifetime’s Party From Hell was filmed inside Los Angeles, California. The place is known as the Creative capital of the world which is popular for beaches and iconic Hollywood symbol. Some scenes were also filmed in Malibu located near the film industry of United States. Filming was completed between July-August 2021 following all Covid-19 guidelines.

Where was Party From Hell filmed


  • Jackie Moore as Molly
  • Eric Roberts as Peter
  • April Martucci as Denise
  • Veronika Issa as Ashley
  • Nicolette Langley as Grace
  • Matthew as Josh
  • Nicholas Heard as Corey
  • Jennifer Field as Anna
  • DeShaude Barner as Liam


Party From Hell is a fictional horror drama written by John Burd. It follows a loving mother and wife named Denise who is running a successful startup but gets burdened with too many responsibilities. So, she hires a professional party planner, Molly with a personal vendetta that throws water on her expectations. The party planner wants to let her down in every possible way but anyhow she manages to escape from his trap. Molly even tries to separate Denise from her daughter and husband. However, Denise draws a fine line between Molly and her family members.

The movie shows similar negative human emotions through Molly that motivates anyone to sabotage the successful career of any person. All those emotions are driven by jealousy and envy that lets Molly ruin the Denise’s career.

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