Where was Aurora Teagarden Honeymoon HoneyMurder Filmed? Hallmark Cast & Filming Locations

Honeymoon HoneyMurder is the 17th film of Hallmark’s Aurora Teagarden movie series that moves around the honeymoon of Aurora and Nick. The couple goes on a Paris trip to celebrate the honeymoon after it gets delayed due to bad weather and things turn more ugly when they found a dead body in a lake while searching for a picnic spot. Now, their lovely plan turned into a criminal investigation but many people suspects coming their way who doesn’t want to them to know the truth. The locations featured in the film looks beautiful and stunning.

Aurora Teagarden Honeymoon HoneyMurder Filming Locations

Hallmark’s Aurora Teagarden Honeymoon Honey Murder was filmed in British Columbia, Canada. Filming began on 17 March 2021 and ended in early April 2021. Most of the shooting took place in Vancouver City of British Columbia and some scenes were shot in Vancouver Island as Cowichan lake in which Nick and Aurora finds a dead body floating.

Honeymoon Honey Murder Cast

Candace Cameron Bure as Aurora Teagarden

Candace Cameron Bure is starring as the lead character Aurora in the movie. She is known for her cast in various Hallmark Christmas mysteries like Switched for Christmas, A Christmas Detour, Let It Snow, Moonlight and Mistletoe, etc.

Candace Cameron as Aurora Teagarden in Hallmark Honeymoon Honeymurder cast

Marilu Henner as Aida Teagarden

Marilu Henner is playing the role of Aurora’s sister, Aida in Hallmark’s 18th Aurora Teagarden film. Her other credits include in Imperfections(Val), June in January(Diana), Holiday High School Reunion(Beverly Hunt), etc.

Miranda Frigon as Dt. Lynn Liggett-Smith

Miranda stars as Lynn Smith. Her credits include in Chasing Waterfalls(Tara), Infidelity in Suburbia(Mira), Hearts of Spring(Ryder), Runaway(Paige), Avalanche Valley(Tami), etc.

Niall Matter as Nick Miller

Niall is acting as the husband of Aurora. He is a Canadian actor whose credits include in Love at First Dance(Eric), The Predator(Sapir), Stop the Wedding(Clay), Ally Was Screaming(Andrew), Honor Student(Nicholas), Beyond Loch Ness(Josh Riley), etc.

Other cast members list include in Aurora Teagarden Honeymoon HoneyMurder:

  • Dylane Sloane as Phillip Pifer
  • Julia Benson as Lizzie
  • Mark Gibson as Donald Heller
  • Cole Vigue as Davis Mettle
  • Lydia Campbell as Holly
  • Jaycie Dotin as Sharon Patterson
  • Ben Cockell as Jacob Hall
  • Nhi Do as Jenna
  • Ellie Harvie as Lillian Tibbett
  • Ronald Thompson as Tom
  • Dhirendra as Motel Manager
  • Brian Cyburt as Motel Guest
  • Mike Carpenter as Cliff Minton

Aurora Teagarden Honeymoon HoneyMurder is now streaming on Hallmark Channel.

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