Christmas Land Cast and Hallmark Filming Locations

Christmas Land is a holiday-themed movie 🎥 of Hallmark, directed by Christie Will Wolf that moves around a successful NY businesswoman and her boyfriend Mitchell. They are living happily but something happens on Christmas 🤶 that totally transformed her life. She meets Tucker Barnes who is the estate handling lawyer. There are lots of known stars in the movie cast along with nice filming locations.

Christmas Land Cast

Luke McFarlane (Tucker Barnes)

Luke McFarlane is playing the role of Tucker Barnes who is a famous lawyer of New York that handles real estate cases inside the state. He comes in the way of Jules during the Christmas holiday and finds a place in her mind and soul. You can also find him in other popular romantic movies like Just Add Romance, Valentine’s Match, Brothers & Sisters, Over There, etc.

Nikki DeLoach (Jules Cooper)

Nikki is playing the role of Jules Cooper who is a successful businesswoman of NY 🗽 whose life turns upside down after knowing about a Christmas-themed village that she inherited. You find her in popular TV serials like Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, NCIS, etc and now in Christmas Land cast too.

Maureen McCormick (Glinda Stanwick)

Maureen is Jules’s grandmother Glinda Stanwick who passed away tragically. At this time, Jules was only 23 years younger than her but she managed to play the role of her grandma perfectly like she was 49 years older than her. You will find her in various TV series like Nightmare Next Door, Bewitched, etc.

Richard Karn (Mason Richards)

Richard Karn is the real estate tycoon Mason Richards in the Christmas Land. He is the one who is willing to purchase Jule’s land in the Christmas Land Cast.

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Other Christmas Land cast members include:

  • Cynthia Gibb as Ms. Nickerson
  • Annette Wright as Eloise
  • James Jamison as George
  • Chonda Pierce as Gretchen
  • Michael Flynn as Robert Hobbs
  • Jarrod Phillips as Walter Hayes

Where was the Christmas Land filmed?

According to IMDB, The Christmas Land was filmed in the pioneer village portion of Lagoon amusement park in Farmington, Utah. The Hardware store shown in the film is located on Redwood Rd in Riverton, UT. In a scene, Chicago’s skyline is visible. The actual place is near the North Shore along Lake Shore Drive looking southward. The Christmas Land cast and crew also were from Riverton and Salt Lake City.

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