Where was Squared Love All Over Again Netflix movie filmed?

The first movie that comes to mind while thinking about Polish romance is 365 days while the second one is Squared Love (2021) and now, it’s sequel All Over Again has also released on Netflix in 2023.

Directed by Filip Zylber, the rom-com movie follows the relationship of a renowned journalist and a handsome teacher who is goes through hard times when she takes a new job.

Wiktor Piatkowski and Natalia Matuszek have prepared the scripts for this Polish romance film while Magdalena Szwedkowicz is the producer. The movie has been developed under Endemol Shine Polska, a Dutch production company.

Where was Squared Love filmed?

Squared Love movie was filmed inside Warsaw, Mazowieckie. The entire shooting of the squared took place around the capital city of Poland featuring Jewish heritage museums and Royal Route.

Production team utilized several prominent locations of Poland’s largest city including the exterior of Copernicus Science Centre, the Carroll Porczyński Collection Museum, Poster Museum, and the Museum of the Polish Army to take the exterior shots while the interior scenes were done within the studios like Monica’s house.

Squared Love All Over Again movie featuring all main cast
Credit: Netflix 2023

Warsaw is the capital and also the largest city of Poland that lies in the east-central region of the Poland in Central Europe, also known as Phoenix city because it has been destroyed and rebuilt multiple times.

The country has one of the world’s oldest salt mines, first upside down house, and has one of the most diverse environments in Europe. Not only tourists but filmmakers from all over Europe also come to Poland for shooting purposes.

Some of the Polish films that were recently filmed in Poland are 365 Days Part 2, Bombardment, Cracow Monsters, Heaven in Hell, Autumn Girl, Pokusa 2023 and more projects are coming for 2023. The car that Monica’s father own is Audi 100 Coupe that was manufactured in the early 70s.

Cast of Squared Love All Over Again

Adrianna Chlebicka and Mateusz Banasiuk are starring in the lead role of Monika and Enzo in this rom-com film. The other cast members include:

  • Mikolaj Roznerski as Rafal Wisniewski
  • Ewa Kolasinska as Teacher
  • Iwo Rajski as Kazik Malinowski
  • Izabela Dabrowska as Teacher #2
  • Jacek Knap as Andrzej
  • Maja Hirsch as Chief
  • Miroslaw Baka as Father of Monika
  • Tomasz Karolak as School Principal
  • Slawomir Pacek as Daniel
  • Monika Krzywkowska as Aleksandra
  • Szymon Roszak as Technician
  • Krzysztof Czeczot as Jacek Szczepanski
  • Helena Mazur as Ania
  • Kamil Szklany as Camera operator
  • Weronika Warchol as Assistant
  • Sebastian Stankiewicz as Wiesiek
  • Mikolaj Cieslak as Producer Krzysztof

What is Squared Love All Over Again about?

The movie follows a famous journalist falling in love with a down-to-earth teacher who dresses herself as a celebrity model Klaudia after school hours. Her motivation behind doing multiple jobs is her father who’s indebted to loan sharks who are now threatening him to remove his fingers.

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Good days come and Klaudia is hired for a TV commercial and paid off handsome money. Her partner Enzo in the commercial also falls for Klaudia while Monika falls for the man. This idea of mistaken identity brings joy to the film along with a few nice moments but fails to break free from a stereotypical script.

Somehow, the movie appears to be a traditional 90s romance and reflects the same theme. Monika’s dressing with ponytail and glasses is another sign of a classic 90s film. It’s a good movie if you don’t like too much drama and finally, we will go with the majority of critics who have rated 4/10.

Squared Love All Over Again movie is exclusively streaming on Netflix right now.

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