Where was Cracow Monsters filmed? Full Netflix Cast, Synopsis

Cracow Monsters is a fantasy thriller Polish TV series directed by Olga Chajdas and Kasia Adamik that follows the life of a mysterious girl named Alex who is haunted by her past to join the forensic pathology professor and his group to investigate the ongoing paranormal activity while dealing with demons. Produced under Telemark Productions, the show is now streaming on the official distributing network Netflix. The series features well known locations among the residents of Poland like Warsaw. Let’s find out the filming locations of the Krakow Monsters?

Where was Cracow Monsters filmed?

Cracow Monsters was filmed inside Krakow and Warsaw regions of Poland inside the Central Europe. According to our sources, the principal filming began on October 2021 inside Krakow and wrapped up in Dec 2021 at the capital city of Poland. Most of all the scenes were completed in the old city of southern Poland along with some ending scenes.

Cracow monsters filming locations

Krakow is pronounced as Cracow in English. The city is one of the largest and oldest cities of Poland with rich cultural heritage and history. During 1596, the city was regarded as the official capital of Poland. The city is located 290 kilometers away from Warsaw and lies almost at the center of country. Recently, Autumn Girl was filmed at the same place.


Magdalena Kolesnik and Barbara Liberek are starring in the main roles of the Polish crime drama series along with the other supporting cast members which are showing a connection of Slavic mythology in Poland.

  • Magdalena Kolesnik
  • Barbara Liberek as Alex
  • Julia Wyszynska as Ewa
  • Andrzej Chyra as Professor Zawadzki
  • Kaja Chan as Hania
  • Maja Chan as Basia
  • Anna Paliga as Iliana
  • Malgorzata Bela as Aitwar
  • Stanislaw Cywka as Birdy
  • Malgorzata Gorol as Jagna
  • Mateusz Górski as Antoni
  • Malgorzata Rozniatowska as Grandma
  • Ewelina Zak
  • Stanislaw Linowski as Lucky
  • Daniel Namiotko as Gigi
  • Eryk Pratsko as Boy

Cracow Monsters Synopsis

The 8 episode series follows a young girl Aleksandra who is haunted by her past and forced to join a mysterious professor Zawadzki but the things took an ugly turn when the experiments of professor lead to the formation of blue hue grotesque creatures and deities of intrigue from Slavic mythology.


The series looks interesting at first but it is not as better as it is hyped. At the end of the day, you will find the film has great monsters, grunge vibes but there are certain awkward points that make the film pointless. KraKow monsters is based on a Polish folklore like British Robin Hood Series but it is delivered in a chaotic way.

Moreover, the characters have tried so hard to depict adult coolness but failed. The portrayal somehow joins the body and soul of the show together have to say that the writing was really poor. Just try to imagine yourself as a child. There were certain plot holes and some characters like The Professor seems immature.

Most users decided to stop watching the episode after episode 4 because it only worsened after that. The stupid plot development come into affect and the dull, gloomy and witty dialogues were on the rise in Krakow Monsters.

Too many parts that are not easily tracked and connected. Some parts seem disconnected. The support characters could add much more if they were given deeper characterizations. All of the actors seemed to constantly be ambivalent toward each other: frenemies. No Matter what happened in the series, it has become one of the best shows to watch on Netflix right now.

Will there be a Cracow Monsters Season 2?

Not officially confirmed but a second season of Krakow monsters can happen in the future. As the series is rocking over the screens and is getting popular among EU peoples due to its Slavic mythology. Moreover, the first season is ended on a cliffhanger leaving room for a season 2, sooner or later, a new season of this series will be released on Netflix with another eight episodes.

Usually, a renewal is announced after 2-3 months of a show’s release. If the series received a renewal by April 2022 then we can expect Cracow Monsters season 2 to be released around July 2022. There will be a total of eight episodes with an average runtime of 50 minutes. All the episodes will be released on the original streaming network, Netflix.

What to expect from Season 2 of Cracow Monsters?

Season 1 ended with the defeat of Hvor. Alex fulfilled her mother’s prophecy by destructing the Hvor and professor played his part by saving his son. The finale scene shows a glimpse of Alex’s guardian deity visiting Lucky. Cracow Monsters Season 2 will pickup the story right after the appearance of deity and we will get to see more gruesome killers from Slav mythology. Moreover, Lucky is still alive who seemed to be dead at first in the episode 7, his backstory will also be explored.

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