Where Was My Husband’s Secret Brother Filmed? Lifetime Cast Details

My Husband’s Secret Brother is a Lifetime’s thriller film directed by Andrew Lawrence that moves around a single mother, Jackie who gets confused about who is her real husband. Her husband died after a few years of marriage leaving behind a lot of financial securities which helps to continue her life. Eventually, she met a plastic surgeon named Kevin and tied a marriage knot with him but her unlucky fortune still not leave her and bad things continue to happen. How will she fight from the tragedies striking one after another has been shown in the movie.

Where Was My Husband’s Secret Brother Filmed?

My Husband’s Secret Brother was shot on location inside location Los Angeles, California like many other thriller movies as Malignant, The Guilty, Wrath of Man, Pom Poms and Payback, Evil Dead Rise, Lethal Love Letter, Missing, Party From Hell, Emily The Criminal, etc. Principal filming took place at Central City Studio 1 located at 8411 Canoga Avenue, Canoga Park. The studio is amazing as it offers almost all kinds of sets. No doubt, LA is one of the oldest filming location that has served as a shooting location to thousands of Hollywood movies.

My Husband’s Secret Brother Cast

Samantha Cope is in the lead role as Jacqueline(Jackie) who is a single mother and a hapless victim who first lost her husband with his untimely death and then unexpected twists starts happening. Now, she just want to live a comfortable life with her daughter but her dreams with ex-husband doesn’t want to see happening that.

My Husband's Secret Brother cast

Joey Lawrence essays the role of Kevin, the man who is getting married to Jackie after the death of her ex-husband. His face looks identical with her ex and who knows if he will become a ghost. Surprisingly, Joey is also playing the role of Jackie’s dead husband. Anyways, Kevin is the person with whom Jackie wants to start a new life and live happily with her daughter as a happy family.

Other cast members include:

  • Jolene Kim as Esmeralda
  • Adrienne Thomas as Maya Wilder
  • Matthew Lawrence
  • Charleston Lawrence as Madison
  • Jennifer Taylor
  • Andrew Lawrence

The movie is now streaming on Lifetime’s official website.

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