Where was Paging Mr Darcy filmed? See Hallmark Movie Locations and Cast

The 2024 feel-good Hallmark movie Paging Mr Darcy, takes us to the picturesque locales of Ottawa and surrounding regions in Ontario, Canada for a heartwarming story about love and personal growth.

Directed by Peter Wellington, known for romance films like A Royal Winter and Winter Love Story, Paging Mr Darcy stars magnetic couple Danielle Sweetman and Brendan Coyle as Eloise Cavendish and Sam Wakefield.

When English literature professor Eloise is invited to deliver a keynote speech on Jane Austen at a conference, she crosses paths with Sam, a Mr. Darcy impersonator hired to promote the event.

After an awkward first meeting, the pair strike an unlikely deal to temporarily set aside their pride and prejudices to work together. As they spend more time in each other’s company, wandering the charming streets and green spaces of Ottawa, feelings slowly begin to develop.

Paging Mr Darcy Filming Locations

The 2024 Hallmark Loveuary movie Paging Mr Darcy was filmed around downtown Ottawa (specifically in Gatineau-Ottawa region), the picturesque capital city of Ontario province in Canada.

Though, the exact filming dates are not clear, but it happened somewhere in October 2023. Let’s have a closer look at the shooting locations now.

Paging Mr Darcy Filming Locations
Courtsey of Hallmark

Locales in Downtown Ottawa, Ontario

The Victoria Memorial Museum at 240 McLeod Street, a short walk from Parliament Hill, served as a prominent location for the Jane Austen literary conference central to the movie’s plot.

Paging Mr Darcy filming outside of Victoria Memorial Museum at 240 McLeod Street

Some parts were also shot nearby on the grounds of Parliament Hill itself, offering gorgeous backdrops of neo-Gothic architecture and the iconic Peace Tower set against the Ottawa River.

Carleton Place, Ottawa, Ontario

Carleton is located just a few kms away from the national capital. Production team transformed a local eatery on Bridge Street, into a bustling set for filming some of the both interior and exterior scenes. Can you picture Eloise and Sam sharing a slice of pizza and engaging in witty conversation under the warm glow of the shop’s lights?

The Grand Hotel, Ottawa, Ontario

For a dose of sophistication, the crew set up camp at the Grand Hotel on 7 Bridge Street. This historic landmark served as the backdrop for several pivotal scenes of Paging Mr Darcy, including the luxurious wedding suite and the elegant fine dining room.

Production team took over the entire second floor, the bridal suite, and the upscale dining room to depict scenes from Eloise and Sam’s burgeoning relationship.

Several exterior shots also highlight the hotel’s ivy-covered brick façade and the tree-lined main street of Carleton Place.

The Pastoral Beauty of Local Parks

In addition to the conference halls, hotels, and streets of Ottawa, several green spaces in and around the city provided idyllic backdrops symbolic of Eloise and Sam’s organic connection.

Paging Mr Darcy filming around Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage site

Parts were filmed along the Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage site renown for its scenic walking paths, as well as at nearby Strathcona Park.

The production team also capitalized on pastoral parklands even further afield in the suburb of Stittsville.

Surrounded by lush foliage turning red and gold in the fall, Paging Mr Darcy’s leads were captured strolling together through picturesque nature settings mirroring the development of their relationship.

The city’s natural beauty in autumn provides a fitting romantic atmosphere.

Some of the other Hallmark orignals that were filmed in Canada includes Guiding Emily, Midnight at the Magnolia A Taste of Love, Welcome to Valentine, Yes Chef Christmas, A Passport to Love, Sense and Sensibility, and Christmas on Cherry Lane.

Why Film in Ottawa?

Beyond the innate charisma of locations like Parliament Hill and the Rideau Canal, Ottawa offers film crews FIRSTNAME advantages including efficient permitting processes and financial incentives.

Ottawa Film Office provides personalized guidance and support to productions of all sizes. The also give access to municipal resources and specific filming sites throughout the region.

With a varied portfolio of architecture spanning Victorian to modern and landscapes ranging from urban to pastoral, Ottawa can convincingly stand in for almost any location. The city’s four distinct seasons also enable year-round filming possibilities.

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Behind the Scenes

Jinny Wong shared a bts photo on her Instagram in October 2023, along with her makeup artist. She wrote:

Making me look beautiful this #ottawa morning! ❄️

As Canada’s Capital, Ottawa delivers production value and international recognition that appeal to widely released films like Paging Mr Darcy.

Paging Mr Darcy Cast

Will Kemp as Sam

Australian actor Will Kemp has become a Hallmark Channel staple thanks to his roles in several popular original movies. He takes the role of Sam in Paging Mr Darcy movie.

He first charmed viewers opposite Bethany Joy Lenz in 2016’s “Royal Matchmaker,” playing a prince who falls for an event planner. His obvious chemistry with Lenz led to more joint projects like “Love at First Glance” and “Royal Hearts.”

Kemp has also starred opposite other Hallmark leading ladies including Merritt Patterson in “The Royal Recipe” and Erin Krakow in “A Summer Romance.” And while often cast as a romantic lead, he demonstrated range playing a hardened city lawyer in “Christmas Lost and Found.”

With his good looks, accent, and proven on-screen partnerships, Will Kemp continues to lead new Hallmark tales of love. Fans can expect more from this down under actor.

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Mallory Jansen as Eloise

Australian actress Mallory Jansen has become a rising star on American TV after getting her Aussie start. She studied drama in New York before landing roles back in Australia on several hit mini-series, but her Hollywood career began with recurring roles on shows like “Young & Hungry” and “Baby Daddy.”

Jansen’s big break came as the hilarious villain-queen on musical comedy “Galavant,” garnering massive praise. She soon joined Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” playing three characters in one season. Now starring on major network shows like “This Is Us,” Mallory Jansen has proven herself a talent to watch with a bright future ahead.

Other cast members of Paging Mr Darcy Hallmark movie includes the following:

  • JD Leslie as Rory
  • Jinny Wong as Annabelle
  • Steven Vlahos as Tanner
  • Robert Notman as Rob
  • Adanma Adah as Librarian
  • David Rosser as Crispin Crane
  • Maia Alvina as Kelsey Shelton
  • David Pinard as Charming Man
  • Nick Piers as Sub Shop Employee
  • Lillian Doucet-Roche as Mia Cavendish
  • Carolyn Scott as Dr. Victoria Jennings

Where to watch Paging Mr Darcy?

Paging Mr Darcy was released on February 3, 2024 on Hallmark Channel, and is now available to stream on Hallmark Movies Now inside the United States.

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