Where was Guiding Emily filmed? See Hallmark Locations

Guiding Emily is a 2023 rom-com film that takes us on a journey through the priciest housing market of Vancouver Island.

Directed by Andy Mikita and written by Betsy Morris, the story follows a woman struggling with her new reality after losing her sight on a mountain trip, and her meeting with a labrador struggling to become a guide dog.

While the movie focuses on the emotional bond of Emily and Garth, viewers are excited to visit those picturesque locations that brought the story to life.

Guiding Emily Filming Locations

Guiding Emily was primarily filmed in Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, Canada. The crew travelled across the city to shoot scenes on various streets and in different neighborhoods.

Where was Guiding Emily filmed
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Production took place in mid-June 2023 and wrapped up in early July across various neighborhoods and streets in Victoria.

While some scenes might have been filmed in studios, the production team also utilized real-life establishments for several interior shots.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Most of ‘Guiding Emily’ was filmed in the capital city of British Columbia. The crews used real buildings and places for both interior and exterior scenes.

You can notice famous Victoria landmarks in the background like The Empress Hotel, Christ Church Cathedral, the Maritime Museum, Victoria Bug Zoo, Market Square, and Beacon Hill Park while watching the film.

Filming took place in the summer of 2023 in different Victoria neighborhoods and on city streets, as per local reports.

Victoria’s beautiful gardens, tree-lined paths, and waterfront areas are highlighted too. The charming, welcoming feel of this city fits perfectly with Emily’s heart-warming journey.

Oak Bay, Vancouver Island, Canada

The charming Windsor Cafe and Marina Restaurant were utilized for filming purposes.

The Windsor Cafe, Oak Bay

This cozy cafe in Oak Bay played a quintessential neighborhood diner in the movie.

The Windsor has been an Oak Bay institution since the 1940s, and is perfect for capturing that nostalgic small-town vibe.

Guiding Emily filming in the windsor cafe of Victoria

Its classic neon sign and vintage diner atmosphere made it an ideal setting for scenes where the characters gather.

You can easily picture them bonding over coffee and hearty diner fare in the cafe’s retro surroundings.

The Marina Restaurant, Oak Bay

The restaurant’s patio and beach areas offered stunning ocean vistas that allowed the camera to capture the peacefulness of this coastal community.

Hallmark movie Guiding Emily filming around The Marina Dockside Eatery

Imagine Emily walking along the water’s edge or taking in the seaside scenery over a meal on the patio.

Marina’s secluded setting and spectacular natural beauty made it perfect for filming pivotal emotional moments, bonding scenes with the guide dog, or romantic interludes between the leads.

Lake Morton, Washington, USA

Located just outside of Vancouver, the lake provided a picturesque natural setting for shooting lake scenes in Guiding Emily.

If you want to reach Lake Morton from Canada, the easiest way is drive through Highway 19, the lake lies 27 Km Northwest of Campbell river in the Sayward Forest.

Emily and Matthew can be seen kayaking through the calm waters of a scenic lake, surrounded with lush greenery and distant mountains. That is Lake Morton, located in the Morton town of Washington.

Emily and Matthew kayaking through Lake Morton in Guiding Emily movie
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While the movie doesn’t explicitly mention the lake’s name, its distinctive features, like the surrounding trees and the distant view of Mount Rainier, strongly suggest it as the filming location.

Hallmark productions usually takes place in an American town setting but the actual shooting happens in Canada.

Some of the popular productions include A Taste of Love, Ordinary Angels, Love on the right course, A Passport to Love, and Joyeux Noel.

Guiding Emily Behind the Scenes

Leading actress Sarah Drew, who plays Emily, revealed in an interview that she thoroughly enjoyed exploring the beautiful Vancouver landscapes during the filming period.

She loved discovering the local dessert shops and the calm environment around the Washington Lake.

The film’s director, Andy Mikita also spoke of the filming experience in Southern Vancouver Island. He praised the welcoming community of Oak Bay for accommodating the production.

Guiding Emily Cast

  • Sarah Drew as Emily
  • Antonio Cupo as Matthew
  • Eric McCormack as Garth (voice)
  • Sharon Taylor as Katie
  • Christine Willes as Martha
  • Matty Finochio as Drew
  • Peter Benson as Mark
  • Toby Levins as Conner
  • Julia Bonnett as Julie
  • Amy Amantea as Olivia
  • Celina Martin as Linda
  • Lillian Doucet-Roche as Gina
  • Alison Matthews as Doris
  • Linda Ko as Dr. Anderson
  • Laura Adkin as Steph
  • Kerensa Cooper as Zoe
  • Preston Drabble Preston Drabble
  • David Attar as Carlo
  • Mila Jones as Little Girl

Where can I watch Guiding Emily?

Guiding Emily was released on September 8, 2023 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel, and is now available to stream on Hallmark Movies Now inside the United States.

The movie also airs on the following dates on Hallmark Channel:

  • March 3 at 3/2c
  • April 15 at 6/5c
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