Where was Love on the Right Course filmed? See all Locations

Hallmark kicks off 2024 by taking viewers on a scenic European getaway with their latest original movie Love on the Right Course, starring the dynamic duo of Marcus Rosner and Ashley Newbrough.

With two beloved leads, the postcard-worthy backdrop of Hungary, and surely just the right amounts of romance and drama, this film has all the ingredients to delight viewers looking to escape into a sweepingly beautiful storybook tale to begin the New Year.

You can recognize the duo from their previous 2023 Hallmark holiday feature film ‘Flipping for Christmas‘. This time, the setting takes us from the snow-covered small town streets to the sunny fairways and vineyards of Hungary.

Marcus Rosner and Ashley Newbrough in Flipping for christmas
Courtsey of Hallmark

In this movie, Rosner takes on the role of Austin, a dashing groundskeeper with a hidden talent for the game while Newbrough plays Whitney, a career-driven woman, who unexpectedly finds herself back on her family’s struggling golf course after her father’s injury.

With the course’s future hanging in the balance, Whitney reluctantly agrees to participate in the annual tournament, seeking a much-needed financial lifeline.

Love on the Right Course Filming Locations

Love on the Right Course was primarily filmed in Budapest, Hungary, with some of the scenes taking place in the riverside town of Szentendre, located in between the Budapest and Pilis-Visegrad Mountains in Pest Country.

Rosner and Newbrough can be seen walking around hanging lampshades and the iconic Szentendre umbrella street, the two budget friendly tourist destinations in Hungary.

Love on the right course movie filming at Szentendre umbrella street
Courtsey of Hallmark

The riverside town of Szentendre is filled with medieval European architecture, but the main attraction is decoration on streets like hanging umbrellas and lighting lampshades.

Producers of the film makes use of Budapest’s stunning architecture, vibrant culture, and Old World charm as an atmospheric backdrop.

The shooting for the movie began on July 3, Rosner shared on his Instagram. He wrote in the caption:

Wrapped a project in Vancouver at Midnight Friday. Started another this Monday morning in Budapest.

The project that Rosner was talking about is another Hallmark movie ‘The Notes of Autumn.’ He finished the shooting for that movie on 30th June 2023, and started filming for Love on the Right Course, after 2 days of rest in July 2023.

Marcus also shared some clips of him at the hospital. He spent 6 weeks on the couch and had to walk through braces, that was really a painful time but our man is a real hero. He took those bloody brace off and come out stronger.

Budapest, Hungary

Known for its old-world architecture, delicious cuisine, and natural beauty, Hungary serves as the quintessential backdrop for this romantic tale to unfold. This is where the most filming took place. You can spot local businesses and some famous places of Budapest, loved by tourists.

From clifftop castles to hot air balloons soaring over the landscape, the diverse filming spots throughout Hungary add visual flair and a sense of place to this budding love story.

Several postcard-worthy landmarks familiar to many viewers appear throughout Love on the Right Course like, scenes of Rosner and Newbrough’s characters crossing the Danube feature iconic Liberty Bridge stretching between the Buda and Pest sides of town.

The magnificent Concert Hall Vigadó also makes cameo appearances in wider shots of Budapest.

Fans of religious architecture will recognize the impressive neo-Gothic façade of St Stephen’s Basilica in transitional shots.

Kiralyi lovarda, known in English as the Royal Riding School, was used to film various scenes between the main characters.

In addition to these well-known structures, Love on the Right Course takes care to highlight some lesser-known gems around Budapest.

The contemporary Egészségfejlesztési Pont (Health Promotion Center) contributes sleek modern lines to contrast with the city’s Baroque additions.

Budapest proves a fitting and versatile backdrop for Hallmark’s premiere romance of 2024. Newbrough was also seen hanging out in Dobogókő, a popular tourist area near Pilisszentkereszt in Hungary.

It’s no wonder the network chose to launch Love on the Right Course and the new year from this Central European treasure.

Behind the scenes

Production team also setup camps inside Anantara New York Palace Budapest Hotel for the shooting purposes, Rosner dumped a lot of BTS photos and small videos on his social media.

What is the plot of Love on the Right Course?

Newbrough trades in paintbrushes for pitching wedges as Whitney, a career woman forced to return home to help save her family’s struggling golf course.

Enter Austin, the handsome and talented groundskeeper (played by the ever-dreamy Rosner), who possesses a hidden passion for coaching.

Love on the right course cast
Courtsey of Hallmark

Whitney, desperate to secure the course’s future, reluctantly agrees to compete in the annual tournament – with none other than Austin as her reluctant coach.

But sparks fly faster than golf balls as Whitney rediscovers her love for the game and Austin reveals his own dreams of playing professionally.

With each swing, their competitive spirit ignites into something much deeper, leading them to question whether true victory lies on the green or in finding love where you least expect it.

Where to watch Love on the Right Course?

Love on the Right Course premieres on Jan 6, 2024 at 8/7c on Hallmark Channel inside the United States and on W Network inside Canada.

If you have missed the premiere, then the movie will reair on Hallmark Channel on the following timings:

  • Jan 7 at 6/5c
  • Jan 11 at 8/7c
  • Jan 20 at 10/9c
  • Jan 31 at 12/11c

You can also stream the film on Peacock upto 72 hours of its original premiere on Hallmark.

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