Where was Hallmark’s Lights, Camera, Christmas filmed? See All Locations and Cast

Lights, Camera, Christmas is the newest and the 8th movie in Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas 2022 event. What a lovely movie with the Christmas sweetheart Kimberly Sustad.

This year’s Countdown to Christmas catalogue is packed with 31 brand new holiday movies that will seriously make your heart smile. Kimberly Sustad is starring in the main role of a costume designer who steps into the role of a local shop owner with John Brotherton.

The heartwarming Hallmark movie is directed by David Weaver from the screenplay given by Gary Goldstein. John MacCarthy is the producer while Shawn Williamson, Jamie Goehring, Kevin Leeson, Jonathan Shore and Fernando Szew are the executive producers under Lighthouse Pictures Inc.

Where was Hallmark’s Lights, Camera, Christmas! filmed?

Lights, Camera, Christmas was filmed inside Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada during summer 2021. Principal photography began on 9 Aug 2022 and concluded on 28 Aug 2022 within the Canadian province. The shooting also took place in a coastal community of B.C. in the filming span of 19 days.

Kimberly shared several behind the scenes on her Instagram depicting the sweetness of the film with her beautiful face and hot environment. The actress revealed that the filming was done in Gibsons, a coastal community in southwestern British Columbia.

Even though, most of the filming took place in the Hollywood North or Vancouver, some scenes took place in the Gibsons. A real studio was utilized for the filming purposes where Christmas decorations were made with the artificial snow.

Gibsons is a coastal community of British Columbia located in the Sunshine coast district. The place is known for its craft beverages and is one of the best small towns of Canada for outdoor adventures. Upper Gibsons is along the highway while Lower Gibsonns is down to the hill and ocean.

Lights, Camera, Christmas! Hallmark channel

Canadian provinces are the favorite filming location in between holiday moviemakers who love the working environment of the beautiful provinces and the neighbors who always co-operate with the production staff and the cast members.

Also, the lucrative taxation programs attract cinematographers. The rate of production success is pretty high in Canadian provinces like Ontario, Manitoba, and the most famous remains British Columbia.

Some recent movies that were filmed in the same district are A Magical Christmas Village, A Kismet Christmas, A Maple Valley Christmas, Autumn in the City, Christmas Bedtime Stories, We Need a Little Christmas, etc.

What is the Hallmark movie Lights, Camera, Christmas! about?

Kerry is a local boutique owner from a small town who gets hired as a costume designer for a Christmas film shooting in a nearby area. Since she is hired at the last minute, nobody knows where is she going. But as the news spread, her neighbors and customers gets excited to see her work, especially her mom Nancy.

Moreover, she gets a chance to take a break from her boring life and fall for the lead actor of the X-Mas whose shoot is about to start in her town. Christmas lights are ready and bells are jingling. Will Kerry be able to reconnect with the charming actor as a clothing designer?

The movie is premiering on 9 Nov at 10/9c, and 19 Nov at 2/1c only on Hallmark Channel.

Cast of Lights, Camera, Christmas!

  • Kimberley Sustad as Kerry
  • Laura Soltis as Nancy/ Kerry’s mother
  • Veronica Long as Mariah
  • Marissa Leong as Audience Member #2
  • Kallie Hu as Jamie DePalma
  • John Brotherton as Brad
  • Matthew Kevin Anderson as Caleb
  • Leila Harrison as Jill
  • Garfield Wilson as Mayor
  • Julie Howgate as Audience Member #1
  • Nik Andrews as Fireman #1
  • Jana Berengel as Stella Evans
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