Jingle Smells Where to Watch? Is it on Netflix or Prime?

Ah, Jingle Smells. The name itself evokes a whimsical whiff of Christmas cheer and… well, maybe a hint of dumpster funk.

This quirky comedy, released in 2023, tells the tale of Nick Gutman, a war vet turned garbage man who stumbles upon a secret mission: destroying unwanted Christmas toys.

But instead of crushing childhood dreams, Nick dons the mantle of Jingle Smells, a Robin Hood of the refuse, redistributing the discarded toys to needy kids. What a kind man!

Hold onto your candy canes because navigating the streaming landscape can be trickier than unwrapping a tangled light string. Let’s look at the streaming options.

Is Jingle Smells on Netflix?

Like a lump of coal in your stocking, Jingle Smells is absent on Netflix. But don’t despair! Plenty of other platforms are ready to deck the halls with this merry movie.

Jingle smells netflix

Is Jingle Bells on Amazon Prime?

Same sleigh, different reindeer. The Christmas movie isn’t streaming on Amazon Prime either. But hey, maybe you’ll find another hidden gem under the Prime tree like Secret Society 3!

Jingle Smells Amazon Prime Video

Is Jingle Smells on Hulu?

Nope, not on Hulu’s naughty list (or nice list, for that matter). But don’t let that dampen your holiday spirit!

There’s a whole stocking full of Christmas movies waiting to be unwrapped on Hulu like Mickey Saves Christmas, Elf, Human Specimen movie, The Polar Express, Jack Frost, etc.

Where Can I Actually Watch Jingle Smells?

Jingle Smells is currently streaming on two platforms:

Where to watch Jingle Smells
Courtsey of Rumble
  • Rumble: For a mere $14.99, you can rent or buy Jingle Smells and join Nick Gutman’s crusade of Christmas cheer (and discarded toys).
  • Vudu: Similar to Rumble, Vudu offers the holiday film for purchase or rental. Download it for future viewings or rent it for a holiday movie marathon!

What If I Can’t Find Jingle Smells?

If you’re striking out on these platforms, fear not! Here are some similar movies to fill your holiday viewing hole:

Bad Santa: A grumpy mall Santa rediscovers the holiday spirit (and maybe some loot) in this hilarious dark comedy.

Elf: Will Ferrell’s Buddy the Elf brings Christmas chaos and cheer in this modern classic.

A Christmas Story: Relive the childhood wonder of Ralphie Parker’s quest for a Red Ryder BB gun in this timeless holiday tale.

Cast of Jingle Smells

John Schneider as Sheriff Dusty Gutman

A gruff lawman determined to keep his town safe, even if it means getting his son a job as a garbage man.

Ben Davies as Nick Gutman

Dusty’s son, a war veteran struggling to adjust to civilian life. He finds himself working as a garbage man and unexpectedly becoming a Christmas hero.

Jim Breuer as Mayor Mike

The bumbling mayor of the town, who’s more concerned with re-election than the well-being of his constituents.

Dylan Postl as Officer Johnson

A rookie cop who teams up with Nick to solve the mystery of the missing Christmas toys.

Jaclyn Stapp as Sarah

A kind-hearted social worker who helps Nick adjust to his new life and rediscover the spirit of Christmas.

What is the movie about?

Jingle Smells tells the story of Nick Gutman, a war veteran who returns home to a small town struggling to keep the Christmas spirit alive. With few opportunities and a troubled past, Nick finds himself working as a garbage man.

However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he discovers a mysterious plot to steal all the town’s Christmas toys.

Teaming up with a rookie cop and a kind-hearted social worker, Nick must use his wit, courage, and newfound love for Christmas to stop the Grinch-like villains and save the holiday.

Along the way, he learns valuable lessons about family, community, and the true meaning of Christmas.


The film has received mostly negative reviews from critics, with only some praising its heartwarming message and quirky humor, while others criticizing its predictable plot and low-budget production.

However, the film has found a loyal fanbase among viewers who appreciate its lighthearted take on the Christmas season.

Overall, Jingle Smells is a fun and heartwarming holiday film with a message of hope and redemption. While it may not be a critical masterpiece, it’s sure to put a smile on your face and remind you of the true meaning of Christmas.

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