Where to watch Secret Society 3? Is it on Netflix or Prime?

Secret Society 3 is a 2023 American teen drama film directed by Jamal Hill and starring Reyna Love, Adejah Parrish, Rome Miller, and Tyler Hopkins. It is the third installment in the Secret Society film series based on the story of Miasha Coleman.

The movie follows two flashy women who get more than they bargained for when the men they seduce for money learn their jaw-dropping secret.

After a 7-year hiatus for the franchise, this sequel brings back the society mystery that resonates with its teen demographic through complex relationships and dramatic reveals centering around the exclusive club.

Is Secret Society 3 on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Secret Society threequel is not available to stream on Netflix at this time. Netflix does offer many other popular teen shows and movies in its expansive library, but this film is not one of them. You’ll have to check out Amazon Prime if you want to watch this new sequel movie.

Can I Watch Secret Society 3 through My Hulu Subscription?

Hulu subscribers don’t have access to stream the new Secret Society film on that platform either. The Disney owned network has a wide selection of movies like Human Specimen and TV series like Homicide, but its streaming catalog cannot compare to what Amazon Prime Video offers.

Where Can I watch Secret Society 3?

The exclusive streaming home for Secret Society 3 is Amazon Prime Video. So if you want to watch this new movie about two flashy women, you need access to Amazon Prime.

Secret Society 3 streaming
Courtsey of Amazon

An Amazon Prime subscription allows unlimited streaming access to a huge library of Amazon’s movies and TV shows like The Summer I Turned Pretty, Freelance movie, Oppenhemier, Death’s Game

If you don’t currently have an Amazon Prime membership, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial to watch the new Secert Society movie at no cost.

A full Amazon Prime membership costs $14.99 per month or $139 per year after the trial period ends.

Blu-Ray & DVD

In addition to exclusive streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Secret Society 3 will also be released on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Approximately one month after the online release/rental launch, you’ll be able to buy copies on Blu-ray or standard DVD.

Major retailers like Walmart and Target will carry Blu-ray copies for around $15. Meanwhile, the regular DVD version should cost in the $10 range at stores.

Where to watch Secret Society 3 for Free?

The first two movies of the Secret Society franchise are available for free streaming on TUBI but such release date hasn’t confirmed for the 2023 film.

While some websites might claim to offer free streams, they can be like booby traps – full of viruses and malware.

It’s always best to stick with trusted platforms like the ones I mentioned before.

About Secret Society

Picking up right after the last cliffhanger, Secret Society 3 throws Celess and her crew into a nonstop chase across the globe.

They’re racing against time to stop a villainous mastermind from unlocking an ancient power that could crack open the world’s biggest secrets and, like, totally mess everything up.

P.S. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on Secret Society 3 in the comments below. Was it full of twists and turns? Did Celess live up to your expectations? Let’s keep the mystery alive!

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