Where can I watch The Boneyard Alaska documentary free?

John Reeves, thw Wooly Mammoth expert is once again in the headlines after the release of documentary Boneyard Alaska that shows the story of a private landower.

Even though, Reeves has no scientific experience and no prior knowledge of paleontology, he still knows the perfect ways to generate cash ethically. He didn’t hesitate to invite a team of some experts to see his collection of tusks and the rest is history.

The self made billionaire is showing the 50 tones of mammoth tusks that he found floating in the East River while mining gold on his private land.

What is Boneyard Alaska?

Boneyard Alaksa is a documentary film created by Paul Andrew Lawrence and produced by GlacierFilm LLC. The filming took place at an active gold mine of Alaska, USA in summer 2022.

Boneyard Alaska documentary where to watch
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Based on the huge discovery of perfectly preserved bones and 500,000 tusks of woolly mammonths that were dumped in East River by American Museum of Natural History, the docufilm shows how an Alaskan gold miner unearth a treasure.

Is Boneyard Alaska on Netflix?

No, the documented film is not available for streaming on Netflix. Even if you are having a valid Netflix subscription, you will not be able to watch this movie but you can access several other documentaries like My Octopus Teacher, Whitney Houston documentary, Kiss the Ground, The Social Dilemma, Chasing Coral, David Attenborough, Coded Bias, etc.

The Boneyard Alaska Netflix

Is Amazon Prime having the John Reeves documentary?

The movie is neither included in the regular Prime Video offerings nor it is available to rent or purchase digitally on Amazon. So, you cannot watch the movie on Amazon Prime but still, you have other options like The Game of Changers, Duggar documentary, Wrinkles the Clown, Expedition Unknown, How It’s Made, Val, My Name is Pauli Murray, etc. if you have an Amazon Prime subscription.

Is The Boneyard Alaska documentary on Amazon Prime

Where to watch The Boneyard Alaska documentary?

The Boneyard Alaska documentary is available to rent at $6.99 only on Vimeo throughout the world. If you want to watch this 74 minutes long film then you need to visit Vimeo website and click the renting button. You will get the full movie access for 24 hrs as mentioned already.

You can watch the movie on iOS, Apple TV, Smart TV, Chromecast, or ROKU channel. Previously, the movie was streaming for US viewers only but now, anyone in the world can access it by paying 7 bucks right away.

There is no other streaming service where this movie is available so it’s time to end your search and start watching the interesting documentary on your TV screens. The movie is recorded in 4K so that you can see every single detail of the fossils but those viewers who are looking to stream Close to the Horizon (2019) movie are not that lucky enough.

The German drama film is only streaming in Germany and Italy for Prime Video subscribers.

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