Where is BBQ Showdown season 2 filmed? See all locations

BBQ Showdown season 2 has just premiered on 26 May 2023 and fans are curious to visit all those beautiful locations where the show has taken place.

Take out your spatulas and get some fuel to fire the grill because we are going to take you through the exact shooting locations where the whole series was filmed.

Where was BBQ Showdown filmed?

The American Barbecue Showdown series was filmed on a cattle farm EnChanning Occassions located in East Covington, Georgia inside the United States.

Michelle with a contestant in The American Barbecue Showdown season 2
via Netflix

Season 1 was filmed during Sep 2019 while the second season was filmed during May 2022 on the same property owned by Drew and Britanny Smith. The competition lasted for three weeks and the episodes were filmed within that duration.

James Brooke, the producer of this reality TV series was planning to give the show a rural setting. He come up with a number of suggestions with fellow crew members and finally, EnChanning Occasions was chosen for the final filming, a few kilometers away from Guardians of the Galaxy 3 location, Trilith Studios, Atlanta.

Enchanning Occasions

The farm is located on 640 Channing Cope Rd, Covington, GA but there is a more simple way to visit the stunning farm. After exiting the I-20 in Covington, just follow the yellow boards with the words ‘SMKD’ and you will reach the Enchanning Occasions.

BBQ Showdown filming location featuring Enchanning Occasions
Image: Netflix

Established in 2016, the property consists of a 5,000 square foot genuine rough-sawn post and a 400 acre cattle farm where the whole shooting of the BBQ Showdown series took place.

What we have seen in the show is just a small portion, the place has a lot of beautiful places and is good for wedding purposes. It is a perfect venue for engagement parties, bachelor rehearsal, and bridal showers, according to the official website.

Right before signing a deal with Netflix, the Smiths finished the construction of a 36-foot tall barn that has been featured in the series. The lucrative tax incentives also helped the filmmakers to save the budget for the best production.

Meet the Judges of BBQ Showdown

Lyric Lewis

Lyric is the host in both the seasons of the American BBQ Showdown series. She is a 38-year old actress from New Orleans who is known for her role in AP Bio (2018 TV series), iCarly, and Barbecue Showdown.

Melissa Cookston

Melissa is the seven-time world American barbecue champion, owner of two restauras and the author of two cookbooks. Moreover, she has won the top prize at the Memphis in May American Barbecue Championship.

How much should we praise her, she’s the first and only woman to won American Barbecue world championship, and owns Memphis BBQ Company.

Kevin Bludso

Bludso has been cooking since he was ten and before entering into the culinary world, he was working as a correctional officer.

He opened his first restaurant in 2008 named Bludso’s BBQ and where he served as its pitmaster. Now, he also owns restaurants in Hollywood, California and Melbourne, Australia.

Rutledge Wood (Season 1)

Wood is a well-known auto racing analyst and TV show host. You can recognize him in History Channel’s popular show Top Gear where he starred as a host alongside Adam Ferrara and Tanner Foust.

As per his personality, he generally wears thick horn rim classes that give him a dashing look. He is currently hosting a new NBC competition series Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge.

Michelle Buteau (Season 2)

Michelle is a popular stand up comedian and an actress who has starred in multiple TV shows and films since 2011. She replaced Rutledge as the judge in the American BBQ Showdown season 2.

The comedian has also given her voice for several animated characters in series like Zootopia+, Rick and Morty, Nora from Queens, Bless the Hearts, etc.

Who won BBQ Showdown season 2?

Tina had won the season 1 of the American Barbecue Showdown with Rasheed as the runner. Thyron has won the second season of Barbecue showdown and Logan is the runner-up.

The American Barbecue Showdown season 1 and 2 are now streaming on Netflix alongside The Ultimatum Queer Love.

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