Where to watch Special Ops: Lioness? Has the series started streaming?

Inspired from a real life CIA mission, Special Ops: Lioness is about a team of former operatives who performed an undercover operation to take down a terrorist organization from within.

The spy thriller series is gaining popularity due to its intriguing plot that is based on true events and has become one of the most-watched series in summers 2023 after other hits of Sheridan like Mayor of Kingstown, Tulsa King, 1923, 1883, etc.

Zoe Saldana, the American actress known for starring in Guardians of the Galaxy franchise and blockbuster Avatar movies is starring in the role of mastermind behind the CIA mission. With the release of this series, Sheridan has proved that he’s not obsessed with western theme.

When is the next episode of Special Ops: Lioness coming out?

Episode 1 & 2 premiered on 23 July 2023 and are available on the Paramount network but remaining episodes of the series will be exclusively streaming for Paramount plus subscribers.

New episodes are coming out on Sundays every week at 9:14 PM EDT on the same network. The series will have eight episodes, finale will premiere on 3 Sep 2023. Each episode will have an average running time of 45 minutes.

Who’s in the main cast of Lioness series?

Sheridan has utilized the talent of Nicole Kidman and Zoe Saldana to produce this thrilling series. When Saldana is playing the role of Joe, the station chief of the undercover program, Kidman is handling the mission as an experienced supervisor making a balance between her work in the intelligence community and her personal life.

Nicole Kidman in Special Ops Lioness series
via Paramount+

Nicole Kidman has recently become popular through her role in Big Little Lies that gifted her an Emmy award. The Hawaiian born actress has also acted in other hit series like The Undoing, Bombshell, Destroyer, The Prom, Being the Ricardos, and Nine Perfect Strangers.

Zoe Saldana literally needs no introduction, whichever film she has starred entered has become blockbuster whether it’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, The Adam Project, Drumline, Pirates of the Caribbean Avatar 2, Star Trek, Guess Who, etc.

Other important characters of the Lioness series are as follows:

  • Laysla De Oliveira as Cruz Manuelos
  • LaMonica Garrett as Tucker
  • Austin Hébert as Randy
  • Jill Wagner as Bobby
  • Hannah Love Lanier as Kate
  • Jonah Wharton as Tex
  • Dave Annable as Neal
  • Stephanie Nur as Aaliyah
  • James Jordan as Two Cups

Where can I watch lioness Season 1?

Special Ops: Lioness is a Paramount original that debuted on 23 July 2023. The series is exclusively streaming for Paramount+ subscribers in a selected number of countries that includes the United States, Australia, Nordics, the UK, Ireland, and Canada. If you live in USA then you can also watch live TV and sports channels on Paramount Plus.

Special Ops Lioness Season 1 streaming on Paramount+

In addition to this new Zoe Saldana series, you can watch other shows of Sheridan-verse with the same subscription like the Yellowstone, 1923, Lawmen: Bass Reeves, 1883 season 2, 1883, Mayor of Kingstown, and even the upcoming Sicario 3 and Yellowstone spinoff 6666 that is currently in the works.

The Hollywood Reporter has to say, the Lioness is a lackluster drama with lots of boilerplate dialogues. It seems that they have constructed the show for the audience who doesn’t care much about and will watch it while scrolling their Instagram.

Overall, critics have praised the series for its accurate depiction of true events but some reviews are gross, not the one from THR.

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