1883 Season 2 Release Date, New Cast, Production Updates

1883 Season 2 is an upcoming season of the American western drama series created and written by Taylor Sheridan for the Paramount+ network.

The television drama series premiered on 19 December 2021 and serves as the prequel to another similar series Yellowstone whose four seasons have been released so far.

It stars Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, Isabel May, and Faith Hill as the members of the Dutton family who were responsible behind the popularity of Duttons today in Yellowstone.

Will there be a season 2 for 1883?

Paramount+ announced in February 2022 that some additional episodes of the western series will be released in mid 2023 but there will be no season 2 for 1883.

1883 season 2

Instead, a new show titled ‘1923‘ will be released on the Paramount network that will continue the story right after 1883 season 1 finale ended. Initially, the show was titled ‘1932’ but later on, it was changed to 1923.

Another Yellowstone spinoff based on Texas ranch titled ‘6666‘ is also under production.

It would also be great if they just confirm the renewal of 1883 but another series announcement is equally exciting. Even though, no reason was given for the cancellation of series, we can expect that the creators have some other plans to execute.

When is 1883 season 2 coming out?

Season 2 of 1883 is not happening but there is definitely room for new episodes. Paramount+ has officially announced that new episodes are in progress without naming it as a 1883 season 2.

1883 season 2 release date

Taylor Sheridan, the original creator of the series has revealed that more episodes are coming for the 1883 series in the form of ‘1932’. The series will have a total of 10 episodes like the 1883.

Who will cast in the season 2 of 1883 or 1932?

Most of all the characters will be changed in 1883 season 2 or the new prequel series of fan favorite Yellowstone series.

Similarly, new cast members will be introduced in the new series except David Oyelowo as Bass Reeves because the story of Reeves will be continued in the upcoming 1923 series or the second season.

Kevin Costner in 1923 series

Kevin Costner might star in this series as John Dutton and if that happens, the show is going to be hit. Costner is a legendary actor who has directed western films like Open Range and starred in a popular sports fantasy film Field of Dreams in 1989.


No official trailer or teaser has been released yet by Paramount or MTV Studios yet. So, it will be hard to speculate what’s gonna happen in the new series and also the cast members are not confirmed.

What will happen in 1883 Season 2?

The first season of the series concluded on 27 February 2022 with a shocking and heartbreaking finale that left the viewers shocked and amused.

However, this was just the end of a story and there will be more such stories in the future. The character of Elsa Dutton(played by Isabel May) died in the penultimate episode in her father’s arms.

1883 season 2 or 1932 series plot

Even though it happened in the second last episode of 1883, the scene has left scars to fans. But the upcoming series looks promising, Duttons are finally settling in Montana where lies present day Yellowstone.

President and CEO of Viacom CBS Media and MTV Studios Chris McCarthy has to say that 1932 will open up a new chapter in the rapidly evolving universe of the Duttons.

The official synopsis for 1932 says that the series will follow another generation of Duttons after 1883 during the western era of expansion, Prohibition and Great depression.

Duttons family will get over the problems of 30s American society in their own professional way. Moreover, we get see the romantic side of Reeves along with the mother of future Duttons. It doesn’t matter if 1883 season 2 is not coming out, the story goes on.

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