Is Field of Dreams on Netflix or Amazon Prime? Where to stream El Campo de los sueños?

Field of Dreams is a sports fantasy movie written and directed by Phil Alden Robinson based on 1982 novel ‘Shoeless Joe’ written by W.P. Kinsella. It stars Kevin Costner, James Earl and Amy Madigan in the lead roles. The story of the realistic novel moves around an ordinary corn farmer who imagines himself to become a popular baseball player like Joseph Jefferson Jackson. However, the people of his surrounding starts doubting on his unrealistic goals as he was struggling financially. Let’s find out if Netflix have this movie or not?

Is Field of Dreams: El Campo de los sueños on Netflix?

Netflix has a massive catalog of movies to entertain its subscribers, but Field of Dreams(El Campo de los sueños) is currently not a part of it. However, people with a subscription to the streaming giant can alternatively stream Icarus and The Battered Bastards of Baseball.

Is Field of Dreams on netflix

Can I watch Field of Dreams on Amazon Prime Video?

Field of Dreams is not available to watch on Amazon Prime Video right now but you can rent the movie at a fixed price to watch it on the same platform as Gucci’s documentary that will be streaming soon.

Is Field of Dreams available on Hulu?

The sports film is not streaming in the huge library of Hulu right now. However, you can watch some similar films as Brian Banks, The Miracle Season, and Whip It.

How to watch Field of Dreams online for free?

Field of Dreams is streaming for free only on NBCUniversal’s streaming service, Peacock TV. You can watch the movie on Peacock with a subscription or ads. Moreover, you can rent it on Apple TV+, VUDU, Prime Video, DirecTV, Microsoft Store, AMC on demand, and Spectrum. The film is also available to stream on Netflix Canada.

Plot Review

The story looks realistic and inspiring as the plot opens with an Iowa based corn farmer who hears a mysterious night that prompts him to build a baseball field out of nowhere. It is also natural when people don’t trust in his instincts and keep questioning about his sanity. However, his wife Annie trusts his vision and allow Ray to construct a baseball field in in a small part of cornfield. But as the story proceeds, the financial problems of Ray start to arise and his vision begins to transpire into reality. Now, Annie realized that his husband’s vision is beyond bringing the ghosts of basketball legends.

What do you think how far they can go struggling in Field of Dreams?

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