Sicario 3 Release Date, Netflix Trailer, Cast, Expected Plot

Sicario 3: Capos is an upcoming Spanish thriller movie directed by Denis Villeneuve and written by Taylor Sheridan. The first part was also directed by Denis Villeneuve, written by Taylor Sheridan, and produced under Black Label Media with Thunder Road Pictures while Stefano Sollima replaced Denis as the director in the second part keeping all the crew same. Now, Denis is available once again and will continue to direct the third part of the movie series. Based on the drug war at US Mexico border, the film series follows an attempt by the United States government to incite the conflict among cartels.

When is Sicario 3 coming out?

Sicario 3 is under production in 2022 but no specific release date has been given. According to a report, we can expect third part of Sicario franchise to be released around June 2023 on Netflix. Back in 2018, the producer Trent Luckinbill told a reporter that a sequel to Sicario 2 is confirmed and the story will continue the drug war at the US Mexican border where cartels have begun trafficking of terrorists along with drugs.

Sicario 3 release date

First Sicario movie come out in 2015 as an action thriller movie and earned more than $85 Million on box office within a budget of $30 Million. That inspired the producers to release a sequel titled Day of the Soldado in 2018.

The second film also performed well on box office as well as Netflix and this is the reason why a third movie is in progress. Even though, it didn’t perform as well as the first one, still creators are planning to release a new film for the happiness of fans.

Who will cast in Sicario 3?

Most of all the main characters will return to reprise their roles in the third installment like Josh Brolin, Jeffrey Donovan, Emily Brunt, and Beinicio del Toro along with some new characters. Since, nothing has been finalized, it will be hard to predict the returning of recurring characters. Moreover, Emily Brunt is already on a tight schedule. Will she become available for this part?

Villeneuve is returning as the film director as he is now free. He was also scheduled to direct the second film but his schedule was too busy at that time. On the other side, second film director Stefano has already confirmed that he wouldn’t return for any other movie after directing the second movie.

What will happen in Sicario 3?

This film will pickup the story right after season 2 ended, the time when Alejando survived a gunshot fired by a young gang member Miguel. It will show the true character of Matt who can change his behavior just after a nervous breakdown, Matt can even disobey his senior orders in the stream of emotions.

The upcoming film is coming with the title Capos means bosses. That means we will be able to see some new drug bosses which have never revealed their identities before. We can expect to see new action filled scenes as the same director is returning who has directed the first Sicario film in 2014.

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