Venom 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot Updates

Venom 3 is an upcoming part of the American superhero film franchise based on the Marvel Comics character Venom, a symbiote with an amorphous liquid-like form who survives on a human host, Eddie Brock in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The character has been known since 1988 with the Marvel Comics but a feature film was released for the first time in October 2018. Under a budget of approximately $116 Million, the film become a blockbuster by grossing over $856 Million worldwide.

After that, a sequel was released in 2021 under the title Venom: Let There Be Carnage that become another box office success. Considering the success of these two movies, a third part of Venom has been confirmed in 2022.

Is Venom 3 confirmed?

Yes, a third part of Venom has been officially confirmed by Tom Hardy in 2022. The actor posted a photo on June 16, 2022, on his Instagram that he is co-writing the story along with the main screenplay writer Kelly Marcel.

The director role is given to an English actor Andy Serkis who is known for his role in Rise of the Planet of Apes, The Hobbit, and The Batman.

Venom 3 release date

Kelly has already given the successful scripts of first and second part of the Venom and now, she is returning once again to finish the scripts work for the third part with English director Andy Serkis.

Venom 3 Release Date and Time

Even though, a sequel to Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021) is in the writing process, no official release date has been given by Sony Pictures Entertainment, Marvel Studios, or Pascal Pictures studio that are in charge of the production.

Even though, the future of the Venom franchise seems unclear, but that Instagram post of Hardy has brought a ray of hope among viewers. Fans are now waiting for the official release of a third Venom movie that could continue the story after Venom (2018) in Sony Spider verse.

Currently, a lot of other Spider Verse Marvel projects are lined-up for the MCU Phase Four that includes Kraven the Hunter (13 Jan 2023), Madame Web (7 July 2023), and El Muerto (12 Jan 2024) inside the US cinemas.

So, we can expect Venom 3 to arrive in the fourth quarter of 2024 as it is not included in the 4th Phase movies schedule of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Who will cast in Venom 3 movie?

Here comes the most exciting stuff that we all have been waiting for. So, let’s discuss everything that we know so far.

Whoever will return or not, Tom Hardy is all set to play his role as Eddie Brock for the upcoming movie along with his ex-wife Anne Weiying. Michelle Williams has shared that she would love to explore the other sides of Anne and also will become She-Venom, if needed.

Who is in Venom 3 cast

Her role was predominant in the first Venom movie, but she got very less screentime in the second movie as compared to her relationship with Eddie. So, she might return as the female partner of Venom.

Other than Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams, Woody Harrelson might return to reprise the role of Carnage character in the threequel along with other symbiotes as Scream, Maniac, and Knull.

Joe Manganiello will reprise his role as Flash Thompson who often underestimates Eddie. Some new supporting cast members will be also introduced in the film to make it more interesting.

What will be the plot of Venom 3?

While Venom was teleported into the MCU in the second movie, Spider Man: No Way Home shows that only a small part of alien symbiote is left in MCU while his most part is teleported back to his universe.

Venom 3 plot details

So, how will the story progress???

Will it continue in the Spider Verse or Marvel Cinematic Universe? Let’s find out.

It is clear from the Spider Man: No Way Home movie that Venom is back in his universe and the next movie will be set within his world. Now, the second question, who will be the main villain?

As the team has to bring a villain which is more powerful than Riot and Carnage, the main villain for Venom 3 can be Grendel.

Grendel is the most vicious dragon symbiote which was created by the King in Black himself in an attempt to stop the light spreading in the universe. The symbiote belongs to one of the most powerful beings that are capable of crossing galaxies leaving behind dust and debris.

Moreover, he is a raw power source who doesn’t require a host for bonding like Venom or Carnage and can destroy civilizations and even infect Gods. Since Knull has created Grendel himself, he is the most vicious and intelligent dragon of his race who is aware about other symbiotes.

On the other hand, Officer Patrick was seen in a terrible condition that indicates the signs of another symbiote infection and that would be Toxin. Probably, Toxin and Venom will be seen fighting in the Venom 3.

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