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Spider Man No Way Home is an American action superhero film directed by Jon Watts and written by Chris McKenna along with Erik Sommers. The movie is based on Marvel comics character Spidey produced under Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios. It stars Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, and Tobey Mcguire in the cast of three Spiderman from alternate universe that comes together when the plan of Dr. Strange takes another turn and opens a multiverse. The story is thrilling as well as exciting but the real question is where can you watch it?

Where to watch Spider Man No Way Home?

Spider-Man No Way Home is exclusively streaming the cinemas since its premiere on 15 Dec inside the United Kingdom, on 16 Dec inside India, and on 17 Dec 2021 inside the United States The movie is available to watch only inside movie theatres. After 45 days, it will be available to purchase from VOD platforms like iTunes, VUDU, Google Play, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime, etc like Venom Let There Be Carnage streaming.

Is Spider Man No Way Home on Netflix?

No, the new Spiderman movie is not yet streaming on Netflix right now but the older Spiderman movies are already available on the platform. Spider-Man No Way Home 2021 movie is not likely to become available on Netflix as per a new deal signed between Netflix and Sony Pictures. However, you can watch all the previous parts of Spiderman like The Amazing Spiderman, Far From Home, Homecoming, Venom on the same platform.

 Spider Man No Way Home Netflix

Does Amazon Prime have Spider-Man No Way Home?

Unfortunately, the latest Spiderman film is not streaming on the network. Neither it is streaming online nor it is available in the Video on Demand section where you can purchase or rent the film for some price. Alternatively, you can watch The Green Lantern, Incredible Hulk, etc.

Is Spider Man No Way Home coming to Disney Plus?

Yes, Spider Man No Way Home is coming on Disney plus for free but it will take way too long to arrive. Viewers can expect the movie to arrive until late 2023 or 2024 at the earliest and before that it will be available to purchase from the VOD platforms according to a report by Screen Rant.

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