Tokyo Revengers Episode 23 Release Date and Time, Recap, Preview, Countdown, Spoilers, English Sub

Tokyo Revengers episode 23 is set to release on it’s respected time slot in Japan and USA. Tokyo Revengers is an anime adaptation of the Japanese manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. The story is about a youngster named Takemichi Hanagaki who goes back to his middle school days when he was about to run over by a train. He jumps in his school when his girlfriend Hinata was alive and there he decides to built a better future for him. The anime series started streaming in 2021 and has streamed 22 episodes so far. Let’s see when does new episode of Tokyo Revengers comes out?

When does Tokyo Revengers Episode 23 come out?

Tokyo Revengers episode 23 is set to premiere on Sunday, 12 September 2021 at 04:07 AM JST on Crunchyroll. Other than that, the show will be released on TV-Tokyo, AT-X, TVh, RKK, TSK, QAB, TVQ and BS Asahi at different times for Japanese viewers. The viewers outside Japan can see the episode live on Muse Asia’s original YouTube Channel, VRV, and on Crunchyroll. Tokyo Revengers Episode 23 release timings will be different in distinct regions as:

Tokyo Revengers episode 23 release date and time
  • Pacific Time: 12:07 PM PT on 11 Sep
  • Central Time: 2:07 PM CT on 11 Sep
  • Eastern Time: 3:07 PM EST on Saturday, 11 Sep
  • British Time: 8:07 PM BST on 11 September
  • European Time: 9:07 PM CEST on 12 Sep
  • Indian Time: 12:37 AM IST on Sep 12
  • Australia Time: 05:07 AM AEST on Sunday, Sep 12

Episode 22 Recap

In Tokyo Revengers ep 22, we saw how Tokyo Manji gang was formed. It was the idea of 12-year old Baji to build a gang in order to counter the Black Dragon gang that was considered the most powerful gang of that time. Today, it is one of the biggest gangs in Tokyo with more than 150 members. Moreover, the day is also shown from the flashback when Chifuyu and Baji met for the first time at noodles meal as they were in the same school.

After their first meeting in the school, Baji saved Chifuyu the next day from a gang of perpetrators. From this day, Chifuyu decided to become his friend till the end and follow him for his entire life. On the other hand, Kazutora also realized tha he has made a huge mistake and apologize to Mikey. Eventually, he surrenders to cops after being not able to sleep from the night he stabbed Baji. Although, Baji killed himself so that Kazutora didn’t have to go to prison and he can save both of his friends with his sacrifice. But the immense pain of Kazutora doesn’t allow him to set free and he submit himself to cops.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 23 Spoilers

Tokyo Revengers Episode 23 will be about the meeting of Draken and Takemichi. Before inviting Takemichi for a meeting, Draken takes him to his place to show him that he is not having any real family but the members of brothel are like his family members. Takemichi look through all the photos in album where Draken was standing in between a group of people, he confirmed that they are his gang members. Such a humorous scene created when one of woman confuses Takemichi with a new customer but Draken jumped in between for clarification.

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