Tokyo Revengers Episode 22 Release Date and Time, Recap, Preview, Countdown, Spoilers, English Sub

Tokyo Revengers episode 22 is expected to release on it’s respected time slot in Japan and USA. Tokyo Revengers is an anime adaptation of the Japanese manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. The story is about a youngster named Takemichi Hanagaki who goes back to his middle school days when he was about to run over by a train. He jumps in his school when his girlfriend Hinata was alive and there he decides to built a better future for him. The anime series started streaming in 2021 and has streamed 21 episodes so far. Let’s see when does new episode of Tokyo Revengers comes out?

When does Tokyo Revengers Episode 22 come out?

Tokyo Revengers episode 22 is set to premiere on Sunday, 5 September 2021 at 04:07 AM JST on Crunchyroll. Other than that, the show will be released on TV-Tokyo, AT-X, TVh, RKK, TSK, QAB, TVQ and BS Asahi at different times for Japanese viewers. The viewers outside Japan can see the episode live on Muse Asia’s original YouTube Channel, VRV, and on Crunchyroll. Timings will be different in distinct regions as:

Tokyo Revengers episode 22 release date countdown
  • Pacific Time: 12:07 PM PT on 4 Sep
  • Central Time: 2:07 PM CT on 4 Sep
  • Eastern Time: 3:07 PM EST on Saturday, 4 Sep
  • British Time: 8:07 PM BST on 4 September
  • European Time: 9:07 PM CEST on 5 Sep
  • Indian Time: 12:37 AM IST on Sep 5
  • Australia Time: 05:07 AM AEST on Sunday, Sep 5

Episode 21 Recap

In Tokyo Revengers ep 21, Takemichi realized that the wound given by Baji was indeed serious and the future he has watched is coming true. However, Baji is lying down this time and on seeing that Chifuyu rushed towards him and ask about Kisaki. Mikey is climbing on the heap of cars revealing that he hasn’t killed Kazutora yet because Baji requested him to spare his life. Baji climbs down the pile and stabs himself and tells Takemichi to take care of Mikey and Toman before dying.

On the other hand, Kazutora was taunting Mikey to provoke his anger and the two starts fighting. Takemichi comes between them and tells them that Baji sacrificed himself. He was a very noble man who doesn’t want to blame Kazutora for his killing and has given Takemichi responsibility to care about Mikey and Toman. Mikey and Kazutora realized their friend’s sacrifice and the charm that Takemichi founded originally belonged to Baji.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 22 Spoilers

Tokyo Revengers Episode 22 will be about Takemichi and Drakken meeting with Kazutora in prison to circulate the message from Mikey. Kazuotra is in prison because he surrendered to police at the crime spot where Baji found dead. Everyone left the scene quickly but Kazutora wants atonement and that’s why he is taking charge of his actions. Probably, Takemichi give some important information to him inside the jail.

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