The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 Release Date, Season 1 Recap, Manga Spoilers, What will happen?

The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 is officially confirmed. We saw Saria talking about the potential release of another season with Seiichi and was so excited. Now, we know why.

Yoshiaki Okumara was directing the first season of anime at Children’s Playground Entertainment and Feel whereas Hotline studios was in charge of the production. Character designing for the U35’s illustrations was done by Minami Eda, music was given by Hifumi Inc.

The anime is licensed under Crunchyroll worldwide while TV Tokyo, BS-TV Tokyo and AT-X remains the original streaming networks in Japan.

The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 Release Date & Time

The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 was announced on the official website of the anime with a new title True- The Fruit of Evolution and a new poster visual featuring pink gorilla Saria, Seiichi, and Altria-san along with a new character.

Fans were already affirmed that a new season will happen as Saria has informed in the post credits scene that the future story will be revealed in Season Two and ‘Hero of Justice’ Galgad will be the protagonist since that season. It will be having a total of 12 episodes like the first season with an average running time of 24 minutes.

The Fruit of Evolution episode 13 release date and time

However, no release date has been announced by the original anime production studio Hotline or any creators but more information will be available on 5 August 2022 as per the countdown timer set on the official website of the anime series.

Moreover, it was pre-planned and quickly announced with the release of finale episode in Dec 2021. On the other hand, fans are also waiting for the renewal of Takt Op Destiny for season 2 to see more of Takt. Even though, Destiny sacrificed herself into a pendant, Anna is still there to play her part as Takt’s musicart.

Episode 12 Recap

In finale episode of season 1, we saw Seiichi summoned a new magic of justice to takedown the largest gathering of S ranked monsters. That boosted his rank much higher than any normal magician surpassing master wizard.

The master was so impressed that he invited Seiichi to join the Barbados Magic School as a teacher but he doesn’t want to leave his companions behind. So, master advised that Saria can be his student, Altria is an adventurer so she can also join as a teacher, Lulune kicks the monsters so she can also be a student or martial arts coach Altria, and Ortiga can be Seiichi’s assistant.

The Fruit of Evolution episode 12 recap

After setting for the school, Seiichi and companions go to see the painting competition where May has drawn the beautiful portrait of Seiichi on his horse Lulune. In the other scene, demons are shown near a shadow bowl who are thinking to bring Lord demon back by putting all the students of Barbados Magic School to death. Seiichi is also going at the same place to start his teaching career.

What will happen in The Fruit of Evolution Season 2?

The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 will pickup the story right after episode 12 when Seiichi was going in cart with his companions and master magician to Barbado Magical School. Seiichi will meet Airi who is looking for him because she thinks that Seiichi might be in trouble because he has few friends in school.

Moreover, he has helped her in the past so she wants to return the favor. But what will happen when she realized that she now has a wife, girlfriend, servant, and a little sister that is taking good care of him.

Shinka No Mi The Fruit of Evolution season 2 manga spoilers

Most of all the students will not be able to recognize him as he was ugly fat guy who has no friends and no social status. But in this world, he is equal to master magician and assigned a teacher role in the school they are studying. The shocked faces of everyone will be worth watching and Seiichi’s reaction will be great.

We all know that even Seiichi got harsh treatment from most of the students but he is a kind person who will not do the bad things to his classmates.

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    • I am also confused about that. For this season, Seichii will be not important as this new guy named Galgad and that’s why Seichi isn’t mentioned as the main protagonist. Moreover, there are variety of characters in Shinka No Mi that have the capability to take the lead if one is busy doing another stuff.

      • This will be a whole different anime if the main protagonist changes 😕
        Wasn’t Seichi main protagonist in season 1?
        Who are those character that can replace him?even though i don’t think any of them can overpower him or it wont be fun anymore.

  1. Title: Shinka no Mi – Shiranai Uchi ni Kachigumi Jinsei
    Supposed release date: Aug 2022 according to the official websie


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