The Chosen Season 2 Episode 8 Finale Review, Will there be a season 3?

The Chosen Season 2 Episode 8 review is ready to explain you the major events that happened in the season 2 finale. Directed by Dallas Jenkins, The Chosen is a spiritual drama series based on the true stories of Jesus and his disciples. The best part about the series is that it has received a tons of positive reviews from critics and viewers. It has created a separate fan base of the followers of Jesus and watching him in the lead role makes our heart calm and warm, the acting of cast members makes it more interesting.

The Chosen Season 2 Episode 8 Finale Review

The Chosen Season 2 Episode 8 titled ‘Beyond Mountains’ released on 12 July 2021 at the official YouTube channel of the series and The Chosen App. This episode was one of the major episodes that depicts the daily life of Jesus. In episode 7, we saw that disciples were taking part in sermon after Jesus explained that they have decided a unique role for everyone in the Sermon fest.

The Chosen Season 2 episode 8

The Chosen Season 2 Episode 8 starts with the 3 people in which 2 are real-estate traders and the old one is the man who owns the land that the other two wants to buy. But he seems so worried regarding his land and maybe he is forced and helpless. Then, the episode moves to the same sermon where disciples are struggling with their weaknesses and responsibilities that are in front of them. Moreover, the disappearance of Jesus along with Matthew causes anxiousness among other disciples and they start blaming each other. Jesus was well aware about the fact that his disciples are fighting but he allows the conflict to happen after talking with Matthew.

Jesus speaks with empathy to Church people and reminds them to follow the path of compassion and peace. In this way, Christ is guiding us to follow our duty and empathize with others in their tough times. Most of all the old characters made their debut in the final scene including the wife of Simon and parents of John and James.

The Chosen Season 3 will start filming after it’s official renewal by the Angel Studios or director Dallas Jenkins. Currently, the show is funded till episode 5 for season 3, means it’s already funded 56% and it only requires a little more funds to start shooting.

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