The Chosen Season 2 Episode 8 (Finale) Release Date and Time, Spoilers, What will happen?

The Chosen Season 2 episode 8 will gonna be the finale episode of this season that gonna talk about blessings of the Jesus explained by disciples. In the penultimate episode, disciples continue to prepare arrangements for sermon and Jesus was guiding them to stay away from misbelieves. Also, Pharisees caught Jesus and take him in front of Atticus and Quintus but Quintus ordered to leave Jesus respectfully as he hasn’t done anything wrong that worth punishment. However, Quintus advised him to stop his preaching and showing miracles in front of people.

When is season 2 episode 8 of the chosen coming out?

The Chosen season 2 episode 8 will be released in 12 July 2021 at 9:00 PM EDT on the official YouTube Channel of The Chosen and VidAngel Studios website. Moreover, you can stream season 1 on BYUTV and PeacockTV for free. There is no fixed date for new episodes release because of some production issues and crowdfunding. There is a total of 8 episodes in this season and this episode will be the final one.

The Chosen Season 2 Episode 7 Summary

Episode 7 was titled Reckoning that starts with Atticus talking to Quintus about Jesus of Nazareth. He claims to have some crucial information that have a lot of political value to convict Jesus. On the other hand, Jesus sent some followers on fishing and explains his remaining unsatisfied disciples that every person has a special part to perform in the sermon.

The Chosen season 2 episode 7 summary

Simon and Andrew were fishing with recollecting memories of their childhood. Andrew was downhearted on listening about John The Baptist’s arrest and also dreaded that Jesus might be arrested too. Then, Pharisees come and take Jesus with them. They take Jesus in front of Quintus and Atticus, Quintus decides to free Jesus as he doesn’t commit a sin and seems innocent but advise him to stop spreading his messages. Jesus got free from their custody and disciples calmed. The same day, Jesus woke up Matthew at night for a special assignment.

The Chosen Season 2 Episode 8 Spoilers

The Chosen Season 2 Episode 8 will be one of the biggest episode for the whole series as Pharisees and Atticus will pass the intel against the Jesus of Nazareth to the king of Rome and this will let to a huge commotion in the whole empire. The teachings and miracles are spreading like wildfire and people of Jerusalem are also becoming disciples Most probably, Jesus and his disciples will complete all the preparations for sermon and will play their part. We saw Jesus woke up Matthew for a special task, this might be preaching and spreading Jesus’s message in the Jews community without getting trapped.

This is going to be an amazing finale with the release of The Chosen Season 2 episode 8 on the YouTube channel and VidAngel.

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