Solo Leveling Chapter 175 Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers, Preview

Solo Leveling Chapter 175 which was delayed initially but finally it is ready to air this week at its scheduled time. The South Korean web novel series 나 혼자만 레벨업 (Na Honjaman Rebereop) written by Chugong and illustrated by Dubu(Redice Studio), published by D&C Media and serialized in KakaoPage inside Japan since July 25, 2016. The novel has an English version named Only I Level Up with a total of 4 volumes published on Webnovel and Tappytoon. Webtoon adaptation of Solo Leveling was start to serialize in KakaoPage on 4 March 2018 that is illustrated by Jang-Sung-Rak. Now let’s find out when does Solo Leveling Chapter 175 release?

Solo Leveling Chapter 175 Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 175 is set to release on Thursday, 25 November 2021 at 12:00 AM Korean Time inside South Korea and 24 Nov 2021 at 11:00 AM EDT inside the United States. There are a lot of ways to read the latest chapters of Only I Level Up such as Kakao Page, Tappytoon, Netcomics, Lezhin Comics, Webtoons, Leveling Solo, etc.

Release time will be different in distinct regions worldwide as follows:

  • Pacific Time: 8:00 AM PT (November 24)
  • Central Time: 10:00 AM ET (November 24)
  • Eastern Time: 11:00 AM ET (November 24)
  • British Time: 4:00 PM BST (November 24)
  • European Time(CES): 7 PM CEST(Nov 24)
  • India Time: 10:30 PM IST(Nov 24)
  • Australian Time: 4 AM AEST(Nov 25)

Chapter 174 Recap

In Chapter 174, world leaders were worrying about the world’s future because no hunter is as powerful as Jin-Woo. Who will save the world now? Jin-Woo has tried his best as he carried Antares and the dragon army away to an abandoned Japanese island. While the other soldiers were fighting with other monsters, Antares revealed to Jin-woo that he and dragon army is not as weak as it seemed to be.

Solo Leveling chapter 174 recap

Moreover, it were blessings in disguise for Antares and now he can execute his plan more effectively. Also, he tried to bargain with Jin-Woo that the Rulers are their true enemy and if he will help him then Antares will spare his family safe and leave the earth’s sovereignty in the hands of Shadow Monarch. But, Jin-woo refused the offer and opened a fight.

Solo Leveling 175 Spoilers

In the next chapter, we get to see a huge fight between the Shadow Monarch and Antares. Other commanding unites will also come to rescue Jin-Woo while he is battling against one of the most powerful enemy. While Jin fight with Antares, other units will takedown rest of the dragon army who is planning to take over the Earth. This is the fight for Jin-Woo’s family too so he has to include his full strength if he really wants to see them surviving this intense battle. Solo Leveling Chap 175 raw scans will be available soon to reveal more about the coming chapter.

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