ONE PIECE Episode 999 Release Date and Time, Countdown, Spoilers

One Piece episode 999 is scheduled to be release on Sunday at its scheduled time. The legendary anime series is an adaptation to the original manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Elichiro Oda. Produced by Toei animation, the first episode of this adventure fantasy anime was premiered in October 1999 on Fuji TV and the series is slowly heading towards premiering its 1000th episode. The story moves around the adventures of a young pirate named Monkey Luffy who wants to become the King of Pirates, the journey is full of thrills, suspense, emotions and drama that keeps viewer sitting until full episode premiers.

ONE PIECE Episode 999 Release Date and Time

One Piece Episode 999 titled “The Destiny That Will Protect You! Yamato and Momonosuke!” will be released on 13 Nov 2021 at 10:00 PM EDT on Crunchyroll inside the United States. The episode will also be aired on 14 November 2021 at 9:30 -10:00 AM JST on Fuji TV and Netflix Japan.

The episode release time and date will be different for distinct regions as follows:

  • Pacific Time: 19:00 PT(13 Nov)
  • Central Time: 21:00 CT(13 Nov)
  • Eastern Time: 22:00 ET(13 Nov)
  • British Summer Time: 03:00 AM BST(14 Nov)
  • Indian Standard Time: 07:30 AM IST(14 Nov)
  • Japanese Standard Time: 11:00 AM JST(14 Nov)
  • Australian Eastern Time: 12:00 PM AEST(14 Nov)

Episode 998 Recap

In One Piece episode 998, Kaido take the form of dragon to flew away from the Onigashima castle and face the Minks but he can’t get away from the eyes of Akazaya nine. Inside the castle, Shibou finally reached near Momonosuke to rescue him but the King noticed Shibou coming and blew her away. Sanji, who was cutting Kaido’s men one by one reached at the scene and complete the rescue of Momonosuke.

One Piece episode 998 Full episode recap

A news break out that Point B and E are under attack and they are losing badly. Moreover, Udon prisoners are coming in large numbers as per the news giver. Yamato and Ulti were still fighting but eventually Yamato realized that she is Kozuki Oden and she has to defeat the Queen in order to become next leader of the Land of Wano.

Finally, a fight begins between Sanji and the King. The later blocked all the attacks of the former and sent Sanji flying in the sky. This is a long battle for Sanji as he got a worthy opponent this time who is able to block all of his powerful attacks. Even Sanji has lost his sunglasses and his focus has been disturbed.

One Piece Episode 999 Spoilers

One Piece Episode 999 preview shows that the battle between Sanji and the King will be continued. Frank and Brook attacked on Big Mom with their fast vehicle while Brook cuts her pet whom Yamato tried to acquire at first. However, Big Mom will stand up and attack more aggressively this time. Luffy’s clan will take care of Shinbou as he has to become the next Shogun of the Wano Country.

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