One Piece Episode 988 Release Date and Time, Spoilers, Watch Online, English Sub

One Piece episode 988 will be released on 22 Aug 2021 without any delay. OP is a Japanese anime TV series based on the original manga series written and illustrated by Elichiro Oda. Produced by Toei animation, the first episode of this adventure fantasy anime was premiered in October 1999 on Fuji TV and today it has aired more than 980 episodes so far. The storyline moves around the main protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy whose aim is to become the King of Pirates just as ash’s goal is to become the Pokemon master. So, he starts his journey with his clan named Straw Hats Pirates that includes his friends and colleagues.

One Piece Episode 988 Release Date and Time

One Piece Episode 988 will be airing on 22 August 2021 at 9:30 -10:30 AM JST on Fuji TV for Japanese viewers. The episode release time and date will be different for distinct regions as:

One Piece episode 988 release date and time
  • Central Time: 19:30 CT on 21st August
  • Eastern Time: 20:30 EDT/ET on 21 Aug
  • Pacific Time: 02:00 PM PT on 21st August
  • British Summer Time: 01:30 BST on 22 Aug
  • Indian Standard Time: 06:00 AM IST on 22 August
  • Japanese Standard Time: 09:30 AM JST on 22nd Aug
  • Australian Eastern Time: 10:30 AM AEST on 22 August

Where to watch One Piece Episode 988 online English dub?

New episodes of One Piece anime are airing on FujiTV and Crunchyroll inside Japan. English dubbed version is available to watch on Crunchyroll, Hulu and Netflix for USA and Canadian viewers. Australian and NZ users can watch the anime with Japanese audio and English subtitles at AnimeLab and Funimation.

Episode 987 Recap

In episode 987, we saw Apoo was still fighting Luffy and the Kidd. The rest of the raiders are making their way to palace when Queen tells the beast pirates that they can defeat the intruders. Kinemon makes it clear that the map is outdated and takes the group to pleasure district. But the place appears empty, it is revealed that the soldiers had gone to confront Luffy and others. The ending scene shows Who’s Who telling a story to ignore Luffy’s doings and keep finding Yamato.

One Piece E988 Spoilers

One Piece Episode 988 is titled Reinforcements Arrive! The Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates! so we can expect to see entry of Whitebeard pirates in the upcoming episode. Big Mom’s clan might invade the Land of Wano and Marco the Phoenix will serve as a 1st division commander at Whitebeard pirates to stop the Big Mom Pirates. Marco is coming to help Luffy in such a huge battle against Kaido and it shows his care and affection towards Luffy and people of Wano. He knows about Oden now and is ready to aid the country.

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