ONE PIECE Episode 1000 Release Date Announcement, Teaser, Spoilers Out Now

The wait is over, One Piece Episode 1000 is set to air this Sunday on 20 Nov. One Piece is an iconic anime series that is running since 1999, one of the longest running anime series ever is now ready to premiere its 1000th episode this week on Sunday at its scheduled time. The 1000th episode will be very special as the final battle between Kaido and Luffy will begin, heavy damage will be seen from both the sides but the good side will won for sure. Proud on you Eiichiro Oda, who has written and illustrated the One Piece manga series and Toei Animation Studios who has brought the anime this far and made our childhood awesome.

One Piece Episode 1000 Airing Date and Time

The 1000th episode of One Piece titled Overwhelming Strength! The Straw Hats Come Together! is set to premiere on 20 Nov 2021 at 10:00 PM EDT on Crunchyroll and Funimation inside the United States. Japanese users can stream the same on 21 Nov 2021 at 9:30 AM JST on Fuji TV and Netflix JP.

One Piece episode 1000 airing date and time

Crunchyroll has confirmed different times for distinct regions:

  • Pacific Time: 19:00 PT(20 Nov)
  • Central Time: 21:00 CT(20 Nov)
  • Eastern Time: 22:00 ET(20 Nov)
  • British Summer Time: 03:00 AM BST(21 Nov)
  • Indian Standard Time: 07:30 AM IST(21 Nov)
  • Japanese Standard Time: 11:00 AM JST(21 Nov)
  • Australian Eastern Time: 12:00 PM AEST(21 Nov)

One Piece Episode 999 Ending Explained

One Piece Episode 999 begins with Jinbei and Nico going towards Big Mom while Luffy decides to climb the rooftop to confront Kaido while he is engaged in fighting with his own minks. But the journey wasn’t straightforward and as always happened, a problem come in his way. The Queen was guarding the area before roof and transformed into dinosaur form when she saw Luffy coming. Moreover, the King reached at the scene with the beast pirates flying team forcing Luffy to fight.

Hopefully, Sanji was following Luffy so he goes to take on the Queen while Luffy can go to confront the King. On the other side, minks were becoming more stronger as the full moon was approaching and finally transformed into a stronger form on completing full moon. In the ending scene, Nekomamushi and Inurashi come as a threat for Jack who had destroyed the entire Wano last time.

One Piece Episode 1000 Spoilers

An official teaser for One Piece episode 1000 has been released which shows Luffy and Kaido fighting giving each other huge blows but it is hard to predict if the scenes are taken from the anime episodes or it’s just an opening scene to lure fans. It will show what Straw Hats are capable of and what they can do if become a team together.

ONE PIECE Episode 1000 Summary

Luffy and Yonko will clash and finally will defeat the King, Sanji will take care of Queen and Straw Hats continue rising to finish Kaido’s castle. Jack has to be careful this time because the enemies he is about to face are the familiar ones. No matter, who has destroyed the whole Wano last time, this time is somehow different.

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