Where was My Christmas Guide filmed? See Hallmark Cast, Plot Details

The Hallmark original holiday film, My Christmas Guide transports us to the picturesque province of Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada through its wonderful filming locations.

Directed by Max Guire from the scripts of Keith Hemstreet, the holiday romance movie follows a college professor named Trevor who has recenlty lost his eyes and is raising her daughter Annie as a single parent. His life takes a turn when he connects with a beautiful dog trainer named Peyton who helps in finding the perfect guide dog for him.

The movie is produced by Taralee Gerhard and executive produced by Andrew Erin & Timothy Johnson under Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Johnson Production Group. Now, let’s dive into details of the shooting locations.

Where was My Christmas Guide filmed?

Principal photography for My Christmas Guide took place in the first week of March 2023 on location in Newfoundland, the island portion of the province on Canada’s east coast and wrapped within the same month.

My Christmas Guide movie featuring Ava Weiss, Justin Nurse and Amber Marshall on the filming set
Courtsey of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Known for its rugged natural beauty and vibrant cultural landscape, Newfoundland provided an idyllic wintry setting for the movie. Even though it was the tail end of winter, Newfoundland delivered the snowy landscapes the movie needed thanks to some good old movie magic!

St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

St. John’s, the capital and largest city of the Canada’s east coast acts as the quintessential Christmas village, with its winding lanes dotted with colorful row houses and quaint shops.

The sounds of carolers echo through the streets as the first fluttering snowflakes fall. Historic sites like the angular stone towers of the Basilica-Cathedral and the dramatic cliffside perch of Cabot Tower lend an Old World feel.

Several behind-the-scenes photos shared on social media by members of the cast and crew confirm that many pivotal scenes were filmed on location in the capital city of St. John’s.

The heritage buildings and colorful row houses along Water Street and Duckworth Street are featured prominently as backdrops throughout the film, Heavy reported.

Other recognizable St. John’s landmarks make appearances as well. Who could miss the sweeping views from Cabot Tower on Signal Hill?

It’s featured in a romantic moment between Peyton and Trevor. No spoilers, but let’s just say sparks fly with the city as their witness.

The cinematography takes full advantage of the dramatic cliffs, ocean vistas, and charming architecture offered in St. John’s and across Newfoundland.

My Christmas Guide beautifully showcases this unique region of Atlantic Canada through its on-location filming.

Though set in a quaint small town, it’s clear to viewers familiar with the area that Newfoundland lent its unspoiled landscapes and historic city streets to create the movie’s memorable settings.

Even though My Christmas Guide was filmed months ago, it’ll have you dreaming of a white Christmas in Newfoundland!

Just another reason to add this part of Canada to your holiday travel bucket list.

Meanwhile, you can checkout the filming locations of some of the recent Hallmark movies like Mystic Christmas and Flipping for Christmas.

Meet the cast

  • Justin Nurse as Chad
  • Ava Weiss as Annie
  • Vox Smith Sean
  • Ben Mehl as Trevor
  • Aidan Kalechstein as Bigger Boy
  • Jonathan Valvano
  • Amber Marshall as Peyton

What is the plot of My Christmas Guide?

When literature professor and single dad Trevor suddenly loses his sight, his world is turned upside down. But with the help of his spunky daughter Annie and a doting dog trainer named Peyton, Trevor just might learn to navigate the darkness.

My Christmas Guide plot

Peyton introduces Trevor to the perfect guide dog Max, who becomes his eyes amidst the hazardous construction at Trevor’s college.

Although Trevor’s department forces him to take leave, he finds light in supporting Peyton, who has now become a guiding force in his life. Leaning on each other, Trevor and Peyton discover that even the darkest storms can be weathered with love by your side.

Through trust and teamwork, Trevor learns to step out of his comfort zone. He rediscovers his self-worth and regains the confidence to turn towards possibility, instead of shrinking in fear.

So grab your tissues folks, because with courage and canine companion, Trevor will overcome adversity and follow his heart once more!

My Christmas Guide Release Date and Timings

My Christmas Guide premieres on Nov 4, 2023 at 10 PM ET only on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel inside US.

The Christmas movie will re-air on the following timings:

  • Nov 5 at 6/5c PM ET
  • Nov 11 at 4/3c PM
  • Nov 17 at 8/7c PM
  • Nov 23 at 2/1c PM ET
  • Nov 28 at 10/9c PM ET
  • Dec 28 at 2/1c
  • Jan 18, 2024 at 7/6c

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