With its charm and incentives, Newfoundland is becoming a go-to Hallmark holiday movie destination.

Here are some recent Hallmark movies that were filmed in NL

A college professor gains a guide dog that leads him to love.

My Christmas Guide

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Merry Mystery Christmas (2023) stars Eliza King as a reporter solving decor theft in St. John's.

Merry Mystery Christmas

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Everything Christmas (2023) features Cindy Busby falling for a local boy amidst a year-round Christmas town.

Everything Christmas

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The Dog Lover's Guide to Dating (2023) follows a man trying to win over his dream girl's dog with a local trainer's help.

The Dog Lover's Guide to Dating (2023)

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Newfoundland's picturesque snow, colorful buildings and friendly folks make it an ideal filming location.

Tax incentives and support from PictureNL also draw Hallmark to the province.

The Canadian government has invested heavily in Newfoundland's film industry, increasing Christmas movie production.

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