Where was Hallmark’s Mystic Christmas filmed? See Locations

Mystic Christmas is a new Hallmark holiday romance film directed by Marlo Hunter and written by Nicole Drespel, Christy O’Connor, and Andrew Gernhard.

With its charming small-town setting and timeless message about opening our hearts to love, this movie evokes the true meaning of the festival season.

Unlike traditional Hallmark films like Christmas Land that focuses on a romantic plot development, this latest Hallmark movie Mystic Christmas highlights the real-life missions of the Connecticut Aquarium. Now, let’s find out more about the shooting locations of this fun Christmas movie.

Where was Mystic Christmas filmed?

Mystic Christmas was filmed in the charming coastal village of Mystic in Connecticut. Principal filming began in March 2023, Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce reported on their official facebook along with some behind-the-scenes photos. Producers chose the Olde Mistick village because of its picturesque scenery and festive holiday atmosphere.

Jessy Schram as Juniper and Chandler Massey as Sawyer on Mystic Christmas filming set
Courtsey of Hallmark

Some of the notable landmarks include The Seaport Museum, Eugene O’Neill Theater Center in Waterford, Mango’s Plaza, and Old Mistick Village. Heavy noted that the characters spent a trivial night at Friar Tuck’s Tavern.

Mystic Aquarium

Home to beluga whales, penguins, and other fascinating creatures, Mystic Aquarium added a unique twist to the traditional Hallmark holiday formula. Filming incorporated the aquarium’s exhibits to highlight heroine Juniper’s love for marine biology.

The aquarium’s playful penguins and impressive marine exhibits set an entertaining stage for our heroine Juniper, a marine biologist. Moreover, the film also highlights Mystic Aquarium’s mission of ocean education and conservation.

Olde Mistick Village

No Christmas movie set in a small town would be complete without a charming shopping district, Olde Mistick Village filled that role perfectly. Scenes of Juniper and Sawyer strolling together through the village capture the holiday bustle.

The vintage buildings, collection of quaint specialty shops, restaurants, and cafes encapsulated the seasonal glow of a New England village ready to celebrate this year holidays.

Juniper and Massey in Mystic Christmas cast
via Hallmark Channel

Eugene O’Neill Theater

The Theater Center hosted filming on its mainstage. Scenes set during a community holiday production come to life in this amazing space. The theater evokes the communal joy and creativity of the season.

With its photogenic landmarks and small-town charm, it’s clear why the producers chose picture-perfect Mystic as the setting for this Christmas tale. The sights of Mystic complement the storybook spirit of the film.

Mystic Christmas Cast

  • Chandler Massey as Sawyer
  • Jessy Schram as Juniper
  • Delaney Quinn as Louisa
  • Shravan Amin as British man
  • Joe Curtin as Scientist
  • Eric Freeman as Peter
  • Ralph Adriel Johnson as Eric
  • Nick Jordan as Nick
  • Robert Loftus as Aquarium Employee
  • Jennifer Markes as Scientist
  • Amelie McKendry as Townsfolk Woman
  • William R. Moses
  • Patti Murin as Candice
  • Joanne Palumbo as Committee Member & Townsfolk
  • Keri Safran as Dutch Woman
  • Alex Barber as Teen Festival Kid
  • Robert Gagne as Guest Townsfolk
  • Jeff Oggie Ogren as Paul

What is the plot of Mystic Christmas?

Our heroine, Juniper (Jessy Schram), is a dedicated marine biologist who travels to Mystic for a temporary work assignment at the renowned Mystic Aquarium. Immersed in her work, Juniper struggles to find work-life balance. But an unexpected blast from the past is about to change everything.

Enter Sawyer (Chandler Missy), Juniper’s childhood friend who stayed behind to run his family’s local pizza shop. The carefree Sawyer loves bringing joy to his small hometown. When he and Juniper reunite, sparks fly between these opposites.

As Juniper explores the festive streets of Mystic with Sawyer, she begins to open her heart to new possibilities. But with her time in Mystic limited, can Juniper and Sawyer’s budding holiday romance withstand the test of time and distance?

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